The Verve Pipe

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EventTypeRoleLocationDate TimeRating
KROQ Weenie Roast 1996 (1996-06-15)Concertmain performer 1996-06-15
KISS at Miami Arena (1996-09-17)Concertsupport act 1996-09-17
KISS at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Coliseum (1996-09-19)Concertsupport act 1996-09-19
KISS at Thunderdome (1996-09-20)Concertsupport act 1996-09-20
KISS at Orlando Arena (1996-09-22)Concertsupport act 1996-09-22
KISS at North Charleston Coliseum (1996-09-24)Concertsupport act 1996-09-24
KISS at Carolina Coliseum (1996-09-25)Concertsupport act 1996-09-25
KISS at Charlotte Coliseum (1996-09-27)Concertsupport act 1996-09-27
KISS at Greensboro Coliseum (1996-09-28)Concertsupport act 1996-09-28
KISS at Thompson-Boling Arena (1996-09-29)Concertsupport act 1996-09-29
KISS at The Omni (1996-10-01)Concertsupport act 1996-10-01
KISS at National Exhibition Centre (1996-11-20)Concertsupport act 1996-11-20
KISS at NYNEX Arena (1996-11-21)Concertsupport act 1996-11-21
KISS at Wembley Arena (1996-11-25)Concertsupport act 1996-11-25
KISS at Vorst Nationaal (1996-12-01)Concertsupport act 1996-12-01
KISS at Le Zénith (1996-12-02)Concertsupport act 1996-12-02
KISS at Deutschlandhalle (1996-12-04)Concertsupport act 1996-12-04
KISS at Stockholm Globe Arena (1996-12-06)Concertsupport act 1996-12-06
KISS at Scandinavium (1996-12-07)Concertsupport act 1996-12-07
KISS at Oslo Spektrum (1996-12-08)Concertsupport act 1996-12-08
KISS at Sportspaleis Aho’y (1996-12-10)Concertsupport act 1996-12-10
KISS at Festhalle (1996-12-11)Concertsupport act 1996-12-11
KISS at Oberhausen Arena (1996-12-12)Concertsupport act 1996-12-12
KISS at Sportovní hala (1996-12-14)Concertsupport act 1996-12-14
KISS at Sportovní hala (1996-12-15)Concertsupport act 1996-12-15
KISS at Libro Music Hall (1996-12-16)Concertsupport act 1996-12-16
KISS at Palatrussardi (1996-12-18)Concertsupport act 1996-12-18
KISS at Hallenstadion (1996-12-19)Concertsupport act 1996-12-19
KISS at Hanns‐Martin‐Schleyer‐Halle (1996-12-20)Concertsupport act 1996-12-20