Name ISRCs Rating Length
Industrial Love (1998) (extended version) 8:11
Industrial Love (Aghast View version) 5:54
Industrial Love (Black Wedding remix by Louiz) 5:15
Industrial Love (Club Stress version) 6:40
Industrial Love (Controlled Fusion remix) 10:03
Industrial Love (Counterfied remix by Aghast View) 5:51
Industrial Love (Eurodance remix by The Galan Pixs) 8:05
Industrial Love (extended version) 8:15
Industrial Love (extended version) 8:09
Industrial Love (Lightning version by Lights of Euphoria) 4:49
Industrial Love (Melotron's Schlummer mix) 4:49
Industrial Love (No Disc mix by the Dust of Basement) 4:31
Industrial Love (No Disc mix) 4:04
Industrial Love (Nuclear Winter version by Xmtp) 5:30
Industrial Love (Ravenous remix) 4:55
Industrial Love (remixed by Substanz T) 7:23
Industrial Love (Schlummer mix by Melotron) 4:54
Industrial Love (Sean Dexter remix) 6:19
Industrial Love (Silicon version by VNV Nation) 5:43
Industrial Love (Subherb mix by Controlled Fusion) 10:03
Industrial Love (Substanz T. version) 5:22
Industrial Love (Tragic version by Somka) 7:57
Industrial Love (VNV Nation remix) 5:39
Industrial Love (X Marks the Pedwalk remix) 5:23
Inside 4:50
Inside (1996) (extended version) 6:17
Inside (Inside Out remix) 5:21
Into Ashes 5:34
Into Ashes 5:36
Irgendwo Im Nirgendwo 5:30
It Seems Lost... 0:05
It Seems Lost… 7:10
Justice 4:38
Justice (Album Version) ?:??
Justice (Extended Version) ?:??
Justice (Lost Area Remix) ?:??
Kaleidoskop 6:41
Karasevdah 3:12
Kiss of Death 12:40
Kiss Your Shadow 3:46
Kiss Your Shadow 4:00
Kiss Your Shadow 3:59
Kiss Your Shadow 3:58
Kiss Your Shadow 4:00
Kiss Your Shadow (2000) (extended version) 5:58
Kiss Your Shadow (Das Ich remix) 4:44
Kiss Your Shadow (Exclusive demo version) 4:28
Kiss Your Shadow (extended version) 5:55
Kiss Your Shadow (extended version) 5:55
Kiss Your Shadow (extended version) 5:56
Kiss Your Shadow (French Kiss mix) 6:14
Kiss Your Shadow (Q-mix) 6:16
Kiss Your Shadow (single version) 3:59
La Parade monstrueuse (intro) 1:00
Land of Grace 4:10
Lazarus 2:18
Learn to Live 5:02
Learn to Live 5:02
Learn to Live 5:02
Learn to Live 5:02
Learn to Live 5:00
Les Miroirs 10:34
Les Miroirs 10:17
Letzter Wille 3:36
Lost in Paradise 4:37
Lost in the Night 6:05
Lost in the Night (Transmission version) 6:26
Love Will Never Be the Same 4:20
Manchmal redest du im Schlaf 6:18
Manchmal redest du im Schlaf (Heia version) 4:35
Manchmal redest du im Schlaf (Heia version) 4:54
Manchmal Redest Du Im Schlaf (Still Sleeping) 5:13
Meer aus Tränen 5:17
Miss Your Voice 4:28
Moonshine (1992) (extended version) 6:04
Morph the Visions 7:38
Morpheus 3:52
Morpheus 5:48
Morpheus (music video) 3:19
Morpheus (Andyk remix) 4:59
Morpheus (AndyK remix) 4:55
Morpheus (Anglijskaya Versiya) 3:20
Morpheus (clubmix) 6:24
Morpheus (clubmix) 6:25
Morpheus (Diorama remix) 4:36
Morpheus (extended version) 11:19
Morpheus (Falko Niestolik & BK Duke vocal remix edit) 3:55
Morpheus (Falko Niestolik & BK Duke Vocal Remix) ?:??
Morpheus (Haujobb remix) 5:31
Morpheus (Heavenly extended mix) 11:56
Morpheus (Hecq remix) 4:19
My Despair 4:59
My Despair (extended version) 8:09
My Despair (clubmix) 5:59
My Despair (Crashtv remix) 3:53
My Despair (extended version) 8:06
My Despair (Mind:Shredder remix) 4:35
My Despair (Monozelle remix) 4:44
My Despair (Monozelle remix) 4:44
My Despair (Parralox remix) 5:55

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