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Legal name: 秋田昌美

Also performs as: Abtechtonics, House Hunt Hussies, Pornoise (Japanese noise), SCUM (Merzbow side project)


Masami Akita (秋田 昌美, Akita Masami, born December 19, 1956), better known by his stage name Merzbow (メルツバウ, Merutsubau), is a Japanese noise musician. He is best known for his style of harsh, confrontational noise exemplified on his 1996 release, Pulse Demon. Since 1980, he has released over 400 recordings.

The name Merzbow comes from the German dada artist Kurt Schwitters' artwork Merzbau (German pronunciation: [ˈmɛʁtsˌbaʊ̯]), in which Schwitters transformed the interior of his house using found objects. The name was chosen to reflect Akita's dada influence and junk art aesthetic. In addition to this, Akita has cited a wide range of musical influences from progressive rock, heavy metal, free jazz, and early electronic music to non-musical influences like dadaism, surrealism, and fetish culture. Since the early 2000s, he has been inspired by animal rights and environmentalism, and has become a vegan.

As well as being a prolific musician, he has been a writer and editor for several books and magazines in Japan, and has written several books of his own. He has written about a variety of subjects, mostly about music, modern art, and underground culture. His more renowned works were on the topics of BDSM and Japanese bondage. Other art forms Akita has been interested in include painting, photography, filmmaking, and Butoh dance.

In 2000, Extreme Records released the 50 CD box set known as the Merzbox. Akita's work has been the subject of several remix albums and at least one tribute album. This, among other achievements, has helped Merzbow to be regarded by some as the "most important artist in noise".

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Year Title Artist RatingReleases
1999 Happenings 1000 Years Time Ago Merzbow 1
2012 Ko To No O To Merzbow 1
2013 Fragment B / 28th Flux Merzbow / M.B. 1
2014 Pulse Vegan Merzbow 2

Single + Remix

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
1992 Steel Cum Merzbow 1


Year Title Artist RatingReleases
1984 Merzbow / The Hanatarashi Merzbow / The Hanatarashi 1
1991 Artificial Invagination Merzbow 1
1992 Latex Gold Merzbow / Masonna 1
1993 Neo Orgasm Merzbow 1
1993 Rod Drug 93 Merzbow 1
1994 Flare Gun Merzbow 1
1994 Music for Man With No Name Merzbow & Cock E.S.P. 2
1995 Rectal Grinder EP Merzbow + Gore Beyond Necropsy 1
1996 Merzbow / Lasse Marhaug Merzbow / Lasse Marhaug 1
1996 Merzbow / Xome Merzbow / Xome 1
1996 Red 2 Eyes Merzbow 1
1997 Soft / Lärm, Hitze und faulige Gerüche Merzbow / Kadef 1
1997 Three Inch Compact Disc Featuring Exclusive Tracks by Masonna / MC Hellshit & DJ Carhouse / Merzbow Masonna / MC Hellshit & DJ Carhouse / Merzbow 1
1999 FatCat Split Series #4 AMM / Merzbow 1
1999 Subsidia Pataphysica DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid + Merzbow 1
2002 INTO111115&111521849 (Forseeing Reaction Part 4 Tendo Yoshda) / Mode for Value and Intention Kouhei / Merzbow 1
2004 Oumagatoki Merzbow + The New Blockaders 1
2005 Free Piano Merzbow & John Wiese 1
2006 Black Bone, Part 5 Merzbow 1
2007 Walrus / Groon Boris with Merzbow 1
2008 Reptile / Insect Merzbow / Band of Pain 1
2009 Tempi / Matatabi Merzbow 1
2010 ZaRa Merzbow 1
2012 Merzbuddha Variations Merzbow 1
2013 Amniocentesi / Envoise 30 05 82 M.B. / Merzbow 1
2016 Dual(i)thm Merzbow 1

EP + Live

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
1996 Live at 20000V, 30 Sep 1995 Merzbow 2
2004 Mini Cycle/Yoshino Tamago/Yonos Bigfoot Merzbow 1
2012 OAT Merzbow 1

EP + Remix

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
2009 Merzbannon Merzbow & Racebannon 1

EP + Soundtrack

Year Title Artist RatingReleases
1994 Music for 'The Dead Man 2: Return of the Dead Man' Merzbow 1


Year Title Artist RatingReleases
2010 Ecobag/13 Birds in a Bag +1 Merzbow 1

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