collaborator on:The Johannesburg Street Band
member of:The Jazz Crusaders (US jazz group) (from 1961 until 1971)
children:Wilton Felder Jr.
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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
The Altar Boy and the ThiefJoan Baez3:29
Ain't Gon' Change a Thang
Brazos River Breakdown
Carnival of the Night
Feel It
Lilies of the Nile
Look Beyond the Hill
My Lady
River Rat
Space Settlement
That's How I Feel
Three Children
Tomorrow Where Are You?
Way Back Home
Way Back Home
1961-05-24Coontenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:19
1961-05-24Coontenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:19
1961-05-24Coontenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:22
1961-05-24Coon (alternate take)tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:45
1961-05-24Coon (alternate version)tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:48
1961-05-24Freedom Soundtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders8:25
1961-05-24Freedom Soundtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders8:23
1961-05-24Freedom Soundtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders8:25
1961-05-24M.J.S. Funktenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:59
1961-05-24M.J.S. Funktenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:00
1961-05-24M.J.S. Funktenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:56
1961-05-24M.J.S. Funk (alternate take)tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders8:14
1961-05-24M.J.S. Funk (alternate version)tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders8:16
1961-05-24That's Ittenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:46
1961-05-24That's Ittenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:44
1961-05-24That’s Ittenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:46
1961-05-24The Geektenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:38
1961-05-24The Geektenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:42
1961-05-24The Geektenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:42
1961-05-24Theme From "Exodus"tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:53
1961-05-24Theme From “Exodus”tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:52
1961-05-24Theme From Exodustenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:50
1962-01-07507 Neylandtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:01
1962-01-07Big Hunk of Funktenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:04
1962-01-07Sinnin’ Samtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:43
1962-01-07Song of Indiatenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:08
1962-01-07The Young Rabbitstenor saxophoneThe Crusaders3:37
1962-01-07Till All Endstenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:35
1962-01-07Tonighttenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:55
1962-01-07Tortoise and the Haretenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:27
1962-01-19In a Dreamtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:25
1962-04-17Weather Beattenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:38
1962-05-16Scandalizingtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:33
1962-05-16White Cobratenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:55
1962-05-21Cathy’s Delighttenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:03
1962-05-21Congolese Sermontenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:51
1962-05-21One Leg Dancetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:20
1963-02-13Brother Bernardtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:27
1963-02-13Deacon Browntenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:45
1963-02-13Lazy Canarytenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:21
1963-02-13No Name Sambaalto saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:29
1963-02-13Tough Talktenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:24
1963-02-19Boopietenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:26
1963-02-19Brahms’ Lullabytenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:46
1963-02-19Lonely Horntenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:57
1963-02-19Turkish Blacktenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:37
1963-02No Name Sambaalto saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:25
1963-09-24Free Sampletenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:36
1963-09-24Moon Rivertenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:43
1963-09-24Sassytenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:32
1963-09-24You Are Only Sometimes Raintenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:29
1963-09-24You Are Sometimes Only Raintenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:34
1963-09-25Close Shavetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:40
1963-09-25Mr. Sandmantenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:01
1963-09-25Some Sambatenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:38
1963-09-25Stix Marchtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:49
1963-09-26Green Back Dollartenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:25
1963-09-26Heat Wavetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:57
1963-09-26Purple Oniontenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:57
1963-09-26Theme From “The L-Shaped Room” (a.k.a. T-Shaped Twist)tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:14
1964-07-19Bachafillentenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:53
1964-07-19Bachafillentenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:56
1964-07-19I'll Remember Tomorrowtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:50
1964-07-19I’ll Remember Tomorrowtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:54
1964-07-19Long Johntenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:58
1964-07-19Long Johntenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:03
1964-07-19Out Backtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:03
1964-07-19Out Backtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:06
1964-07-19Polka Dots and Moonbeamsalto saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:45
1964-07-19Polka Dots and Moonbeamsalto saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:38
1964-07-19Robbins’ Nesttenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:48
1964-07-19Sweet Watertenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:08
1964-07-19Sweetwatertenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:12
1965-02-05A Trane Thingtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:26
1965-02-05New Time Shuffle (alternate version)tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:28
1965-02-05Para Mi Espozatenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders?:??
1965-02-05Para Mi Espozatenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:44
1965-02-05Soul Koshertenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:43
1965-02-05Soul Koshertenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders?:??
1965-02-05Sunset in the Mountainstenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:15
1965-02-05Sunset in the Mountainstenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders?:??
1965-02-05The Thing (alternate version)tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:33
1965-02-05Tribute to Charlestenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:56
1965-02-05While the City Sleepstenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:39
1965-02-05While the City Sleepstenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders?:??
1965-02-22New Time Shuffletenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders?:??
1965-02-22The Thingtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders?:??
1965-02-22White Cobratenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders?:??
1966-01'Round Midnighttenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:05
1966-01Aleluiatenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:05
1966-01Blues Up Tighttenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:43
1966-01Doin' That Thingtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders7:21
1966-01Milestonestenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders7:05
1966-01Miss Ittenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:07
1966-01Scratchtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders8:13
1966-01Some Other Bluestenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders9:03
1966-01You Don't Know What Love Istenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:11
1966-02-07Isa’s Chanttenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:34
1966-02-07New Time Shuffletenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:48
1966-02-07Scratchtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:45
1966-02-07The Shadow Dotenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:39
1966-02-07The Thingtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:47
1966-02-07Uptight (Everything’s Alright)tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:29
1966-02-07White Cobratenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:51
1967-05-15Air Wavestenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders9:24
1967-05-15Blue Mondaytenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders8:48
1967-05-15Ice Watertenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:45
1967-05-15Night Themetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders7:31
1967-05-15Uh Huhtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:21
1967-05-15Watts Happeningtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:15
1968-07-09Cookie Mantenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:35
1968-07-09Cookie Mantenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:41
1968-07-09Love Is Bluetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:41
1968-07-09Love Is Blue (L'amour est bleu)tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:35
1968-07-09Promises, Promisestenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:13
1968-07-09Promises, Promisestenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:21
1968-07-10Fire Watertenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:27
1968-07-10Fire Watertenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:23
1968-07-10Hey Judetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:20
1968-07-10Love and Peacetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:24
1968-07-10Love and Peacetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:17
1968-07-11Fancy Dancetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:25
1968-07-11Fancy Dancetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:28
1968-07-11Sting Raytenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:24
1968-07-11Sting Raytenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:41
1968-07-11Upstairstenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:12
1968-07-11Upstairstenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:15
1968-08-07Channel Islandelectric bass guitarGerald Wilson and His Orchestra5:05
1968-08-07El Presidenteelectric bass guitarGerald Wilson and His Orchestra4:10
1968-08-16California Soulelectric bass guitarGerald Wilson and His Orchestra4:06
1968-08-16Lullaby From Rosemary's Babyelectric bass guitarGerald Wilson and His Orchestra2:47
1968-08-16Yesterloveelectric bass guitarGerald Wilson and His Orchestra3:57
1968-09-02Down Here on the Groundelectric bass guitarGerald Wilson and His Orchestra4:45
1968-09-02Light My Fireelectric bass guitarGerald Wilson and His Orchestra5:00
1968-09-02Russian Riverelectric bass guitarGerald Wilson and His Orchestra5:20
1968-09-02Sunshine of Your Loveelectric bass guitarGerald Wilson and His Orchestra2:52
1968-09Mace and Grenadestenor saxophoneHugh Masekela3:56
1968-10-23A Now ThingbassPhil Moore Jr.3:44
1968-10-23Hog CallbassPhil Moore Jr.4:30
1968-10-23Hold Me NowbassPhil Moore Jr.3:17
1968-10-23I Get the Sweetest FeelingbassPhil Moore Jr.3:02
1968-10-23Nappy Head ChildbassPhil Moore Jr.2:42
1968-10-23Workin' on a Groovy ThingbassPhil Moore Jr.2:52
196898.6 - Lazy Dayelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes3:24
1968Groovin' Timeelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes7:20
1968I'm In The Mood For Loveelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes2:46
1968Oklahoma Toadelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes5:09
1968Sunday Mornin'electric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes2:27
1968The Madison Timeelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes5:35
1968The Odd Coupleelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes2:45
1968Upward Boundelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes4:56
1969-03-06Ain't No Mountain High EnoughbassPhil Moore Jr.2:20
1969-03-06Funky CanyonbassPhil Moore Jr.2:26
1969-03-06Right OnbassPhil Moore Jr.2:05
1969-03-06You Showed MebassPhil Moore Jr.3:03
1969-05-23Bantu VillagebassBlue Mitchell3:46
1969-05-23Bush GirlbassBlue Mitchell3:00
1969-05-23HnicbassBlue Mitchell5:17
1969-05-23Na Ta KabassBlue Mitchell3:56
1969-07Get Backtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders4:16
1969-07I Want You Backbass guitarThe Jackson 52:59
1969-07Inside the Outsidetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:40
1969-07It's Gotta Be Realtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:48
1969-07It's Your Thingtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:22
1969-07Reflectionstenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:41
1969-07Ruby P'Goniatenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders7:57
1969-07Svenska Flickatenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:03
1969-07Willie and Laura Mae Jonestenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:54
1969-08-11Be My Lovetenor saxophoneCharles Kynard6:20
1969-08-11Boogalooin'tenor saxophoneCharles Kynard6:24
1969-08-11Reelin' With the Feelin'tenor saxophoneCharles Kynard7:15
1969-08-11Slow Burntenor saxophoneCharles Kynard6:34
1969-08-11Soul Reggaetenor saxophoneCharles Kynard4:57
1969-08-11Stomptenor saxophoneCharles Kynard5:08
1969-10-06 – 1969-10-07America Drinks and Goes HomebassJean‐Luc Ponty2:39
1969-10-06 – 1969-10-07How Would You Like to Have a Head Like ThatbassJean‐Luc Ponty7:17
1969-10-06 – 1969-10-07Idiot Bastard SonbassJean‐Luc Ponty4:03
1969-10-06 – 1969-10-07Music for Electric Violin and Low Budget OrchestrabassJean‐Luc Ponty19:26
1969-10-06 – 1969-10-07Twenty Small CigarsbassJean‐Luc Ponty5:37
1969-10-09A Sound for Sore EarsbassMilt Jackson with The Ray Brown Big Band3:02
1969-10-09Braddock BreakdownbassMilt Jackson with The Ray Brown Big Band3:40
1969-10-09Oh Happy DaybassMilt Jackson with The Ray Brown Big Band3:30
1969-10-09One Mint Julep (One Way)bassMilt Jackson with The Ray Brown Big Band2:33
1969-10-09One Mint Julep (The Other Way)bassMilt Jackson with The Ray Brown Big Band2:44
1969-10-09Picking Up the VibrationsbassMilt Jackson with The Ray Brown Big Band4:11
1969-10-09Uh-HuhbassMilt Jackson with The Ray Brown Big Band3:48
1969-10-10Enchanted LadybassMilt Jackson with The Ray Brown Big Band5:06
1969-10-10Memphis JunctionbassMilt Jackson with The Ray Brown Big Band2:49
1969-10-10Queen Mother StompbassMilt Jackson with The Ray Brown Big Band6:30
1969Crisiselectric bass guitar [Fender bass]Bobby Bryant5:00
1969Cristo Redentorelectric bass guitar [Fender bass]Bobby Bryant3:50
1969Do You Know the Way to San Joseelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes3:58
1969Dreams of the Everyday Housewifeelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes2:46
1969Earth Danceelectric bass guitar [Fender bass]Bobby Bryant4:15
1969Happiness Is a Warm Gunelectric bass guitar [Fender bass]Bobby Bryant3:10
1969High Blues Pressureelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes4:44
1969I Can’t Stop Dancingelectric bass guitarRichard “Groove” Holmes2:55
1969I Want to Testifyelectric bass guitar [Fender bass]Bobby Bryant4:50
1969In and Outelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes3:32
1969Isole Nataleelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes4:14
1969Listen Hereelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes4:07
1969Love Is Like an Old, Old Manelectric bass guitar [Fender bass]Bobby Bryant3:40
1969Oklahoma Toadelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes2:36
1969Rhythm and Grooveelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes4:16
1969Since I Left Homeelectric bass guitar [Fender bass]Bobby Bryant3:45
1969While My Guitar Gently Weepselectric bass guitar [Fender bass]Bobby Bryant3:50
1969Workin’ on a Groovy Thingelectric bass guitarRichard "Groove" Holmes2:49
1970-01ABCelectric bass guitarThe Jackson 52:58
1970-01The Love You Savebass guitarThe Jackson 53:04
1970-02-28All the Lonely Yearstenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:01
1970-02-28Anita’s New Dancetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:17
1970-02-28Another Bluestenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders6:47
1970-02-28I Think It Was a Dreamtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders5:53
1970-02-28Space Settlementtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders11:13
1970-03-07Black Birdtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:41
1970-03-07Give Peace a Chancetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders2:29
1970-03-07The Thrill Is Gonetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders3:07
1971-08-19Crystaled TearsbassJohn Klemmer4:28
1971-08-19Let Me Touch the WindbassJohn Klemmer6:32
1971-08-25JamiebassDonald Byrd3:42
1971-08-25The EmperorbassDonald Byrd15:38
1971-08-26The Little RastibassDonald Byrd17:41
1971-11-23California GreenbassGrant Green6:23
1971-11-23I Don't Want Nobody to Give Me Nothing (Open Up the Door, I'll Get It Myself)/Cold SweatbassGrant Green5:55
1971-11-23In the MiddlebassGrant Green5:04
1971-11-24Cast Your Fate to the WindbassGrant Green4:50
1971-11-24Got to Be TherebassGrant Green4:25
1971-11-24If You Really Love MebassGrant Green4:30
1971-11-24Never My LovebassGrant Green4:35
1971-11-24Sunrise, SunsetbassGrant Green4:12
1972-02After Hoursdouble bassJimmy Smith7:46
1972-02After Hoursdouble bassJimmy Smith7:51
1972-02For Everyone Under the Sundouble bassJimmy Smith5:55
1972-02Let's Stay Togetherdouble bassJimmy Smith6:30
1972-02Let's Stay Togetherdouble bassJimmy Smith6:27
1972-02Root Down (and Get It) (unedited performance)double bassJimmy Smith12:39
1972-02Root Down (and Get It) (alternative version)double bassJimmy Smith12:13
1972-02Root Down (and Get It)double bassJimmy Smith7:44
1972-02Sagg Shootin' His Arrowdouble bassJimmy Smith7:09
1972-02Sagg Shootin’ His Arrow (unedited performance)double bassJimmy Smith11:45
1972-02Slow Down Sagg (unedited performance)double bassJimmy Smith10:22
1972-02Slow Down Saggdouble bassJimmy Smith6:44
1972-04-03Mr. Thomaselectric bass guitarDonald Byrd5:04
1972-04-04Flight Timeelectric bass guitarDonald Byrd8:32
1972-04-21Betcha by Golly, Wow (live, 1972-04-21: The Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach, CA, USA)electric bass guitarGrant Green7:39
1972-04-21Fancy Free (live, 1972-04-21: The Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach, CA, USA)electric bass guitarGrant Green14:45
1972-04-21Flood in Franklin Park (live, 1972-04-21: The Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach, CA, USA)electric bass guitarGrant Green15:01
1972-04-21Jan Jan (live, 1972-04-21: The Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach, CA, USA)electric bass guitarGrant Green12:14
1972-04-21Walk in the Night (live, 1972-04-21: The Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach, CA, USA)electric bass guitarGrant Green6:37
1972-04-21Windjammer (live, 1972-04-21: The Lighthouse, Hermosa Beach, CA, USA)electric bass guitarGrant Green12:16
1972-06-17Centrifugal Forcebass [electric bass]John Klemmer6:00
1972-06-17Prelude Ibass [electric bass]John Klemmer3:34
1972-06-17Prelude IIbass [electric bass]John Klemmer3:57
1972-06-17There's Some Light Aheadbass [electric bass]John Klemmer4:29
1972-06-17Utopia: Man's Dream, Part 1bass [electric bass]John Klemmer8:47
1972-06-17Utopia: Man's Dream, Part 2bass [electric bass]John Klemmer3:53
1972-06-17Waterfallbass [electric bass]John Klemmer4:20
1972-06-17Waterfall IIbass [electric bass]John Klemmer6:08
1972-06-22Blood of the Sun, Primary PulsebassJohn Klemmer3:34
1972-06-22Blood of the Sun, Secondary PulsebassJohn Klemmer4:36
1972-06-22Blood of the Sun, Tertiary PulsebassJohn Klemmer7:57
1972-06-22How Cum ya Gotta Rip Off Your Brothers?bassJohn Klemmer5:51
1973-03-13If I Should Die Tonightbass guitarMarvin Gaye4:00
1973-03-13Keep Gettin’ It Onbass guitarMarvin Gaye3:14
1973-03-13Please Stay (Once You Go Away)bass guitarMarvin Gaye3:30
1973-03-22Let’s Get It On (album version)bass guitarMarvin Gaye4:52
1973A Message From the Inner Cityelectric bass guitarThe Crusaders8:52
1973A Message From the Inner Citymarimba [bass marimba]The Crusaders8:52
1973A Message From the Inner CitysaxophoneThe Crusaders8:52
1973A Search for Soulmarimba [bass marimba]The Crusaders9:36
1973A Search for Soulelectric bass guitarThe Crusaders9:36
1973A Search for SoulsaxophoneThe Crusaders9:36
1973Ain't Gon' Change a Thangmarimba [bass marimba]The Crusaders4:30
1973Ain't Gon' Change a Thangelectric bass guitarThe Crusaders4:30
1973Ain't Gon' Change a ThangsaxophoneThe Crusaders4:30
1973Court and SparkchimesJoni Mitchell2:46
1973Do You Remember When?saxophoneThe Crusaders5:57
1973Do You Remember When?marimba [bass marimba]The Crusaders5:57
1973Do You Remember When?electric bass guitarThe Crusaders5:57
1973Don't Let It Get You Downelectric bass guitarThe Crusaders3:04
1973Don't Let It Get You DownsaxophoneThe Crusaders3:04
1973Don't Let It Get You Downmarimba [bass marimba]The Crusaders3:04
1973Gotta Get It OnsaxophoneThe Crusaders2:52
1973Gotta Get It Onmarimba [bass marimba]The Crusaders2:52
1973Gotta Get It Onelectric bass guitarThe Crusaders2:52
1973Journey From Withinelectric bass guitarThe Crusaders4:51
1973Journey From Withinmarimba [bass marimba]The Crusaders4:51
1973Journey From WithinsaxophoneThe Crusaders4:51
1973Look Beyond the Hillmarimba [bass marimba]The Crusaders3:15
1973Look Beyond the Hillelectric bass guitarThe Crusaders3:15
1973Look Beyond the HillsaxophoneThe Crusaders3:15
1973No Place to HidesaxophoneThe Crusaders8:39
1973No Place to Hideelectric bass guitarThe Crusaders8:39
1973No Place to Hidemarimba [bass marimba]The Crusaders8:39
1973Take It or Leave ItsaxophoneThe Crusaders3:40
1973Take It or Leave Itelectric bass guitarThe Crusaders3:40
1973Take It or Leave Itmarimba [bass marimba]The Crusaders3:40
1973Tomorrow Where Are You?marimba [bass marimba]The Crusaders5:10
1973Tomorrow Where Are You?electric bass guitarThe Crusaders5:10
1973Tomorrow Where Are You?saxophoneThe Crusaders5:10
1973Tough TalksaxophoneThe Crusaders6:02
1973Tough Talkmarimba [bass marimba]The Crusaders6:02
1973Tough Talkelectric bass guitarThe Crusaders6:02
1973Where There's a Will, There's a WaysaxophoneThe Crusaders5:28
1973Where There's a Will, There's a Waymarimba [bass marimba]The Crusaders5:28
1973Where There's a Will, There's a Wayelectric bass guitarThe Crusaders5:28
1974A Ballad for Joe (Louis)tenor saxophoneThe Crusaders7:28
1974Double Bubbletenor saxophoneThe Crusaders2:45
1974Get on the Soul Ship (It’s Sailing)tenor saxophoneThe Crusaders3:22
1974Greasy Spoontenor saxophoneThe Crusaders3:11
1974Lilies of the Niletenor saxophoneThe Crusaders9:39
1974Southern Comforttenor saxophoneThe Crusaders3:07
1974Stomp and Buck Dancetenor saxophoneThe Crusaders5:49
1974Super-Stufftenor saxophoneThe Crusaders2:46
1974The Well’s Gone Drytenor saxophoneThe Crusaders4:47
1974Time Bombtenor saxophoneThe Crusaders6:45
1974When There’s Love Aroundtenor saxophoneThe Crusaders5:29
1974Whispering Pinestenor saxophoneThe Crusaders8:57
1975-03 – 1975-04Tidal Waveelectric bass guitarRonnie Laws4:12
1975Don’t Interrupt the SorrowbassJoni Mitchell4:05
1975Edith and the KingpinbassJoni Mitchell3:37
1976-01 – 1976-03All the TimebassRonnie Laws4:03
1976-01 – 1976-03Night BreezebassRonnie Laws6:29
1976-01 – 1976-03Strugglin'bassRonnie Laws4:07
1976-02 – 1976-05Agua de beberbass guitarAl Jarreau3:56
1976-02 – 1976-05Have You Seen the Childbass guitarAl Jarreau3:49
1976-02 – 1976-05Rainbow in Your Eyesbass guitarAl Jarreau3:06
1976-12Feel ItsaxophoneThe Crusaders4:17
1976-12Free as the WindsaxophoneThe Crusaders6:16
1976-12I Felt the LovesaxophoneThe Crusaders5:10
1976-12It Happens EverydaysaxophoneThe Crusaders5:40
1976-12Nite CrawlersaxophoneThe Crusaders4:45
1976-12River RatsaxophoneThe Crusaders2:28
1976-12Sweet n’ SoursaxophoneThe Crusaders8:56
1976-12The Way We WassaxophoneThe Crusaders5:23
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Fire DancebassDizzy Gillespie4:23
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Free RidebassDizzy Gillespie5:18
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02IncantationbassDizzy Gillespie6:40
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Love Poem for DonnabassDizzy Gillespie4:32
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Ozone MadnessbassDizzy Gillespie6:29
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02The Last Stroke of MidnightbassDizzy Gillespie4:33
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02UnicornbassDizzy Gillespie6:49
1977-01-31 – 1977-02-02Wrong NumberbassDizzy Gillespie4:35
1978-07 – 1978-08My Name Is LovebassWilton Felder5:00
1978-07 – 1978-08We All Have a StarbassWilton Felder5:02
1979Carnival of the Nighttenor saxophoneThe Crusaders6:21
1979My Ladyelectric bass guitar and tenor saxophoneThe Crusaders6:42
1979Night Facesalto saxophoneThe Crusaders5:05
1979Rodeo Drive (High Steppin')tenor saxophoneThe Crusaders4:21
1979Street Lifeelectric bass guitar and tenor saxophoneThe Crusaders11:15
1979The Hustleralto saxophone and electric bass guitarThe Crusaders5:25
1980-03Elegant EveningsaxophoneThe Crusaders6:09
1980-03Honky Tonk Struttin’bassThe Crusaders4:26
1980-03Honky Tonk Struttin’saxophoneThe Crusaders4:26
1980-03Last CallsaxophoneThe Crusaders6:43
1980-03Last CallbassThe Crusaders6:43
1980-03Rhapsody and BluessaxophoneThe Crusaders8:50
1980-03Soul ShadowssaxophoneThe Crusaders8:18
1980-03Sweet Gentle LovesaxophoneThe Crusaders4:55
1980-09-23 – 1980-09-27BrandybassRingo Starr4:08
1980-09-23 – 1980-09-27Dead GiveawaybassRingo Starr4:32
1981-01-18Brazos River BreakdownsaxophoneThe Crusaders6:00
1981-01-18CarmelsaxophoneThe Crusaders6:14
1981-01-18Drum IntroductionsaxophoneThe Crusaders2:29
1981-01-18In All My Wildest DreamssaxophoneThe Crusaders7:03
1981-01-18IntroductionsaxophoneThe Crusaders2:04
1981-01-18Melodies of LovesaxophoneThe Crusaders12:30
1981-01-18Put It Where You Want ItsaxophoneThe Crusaders4:14
1981-01-18Rainbow SeekersaxophoneThe Crusaders8:12
1981-01-18So Far AwaysaxophoneThe Crusaders8:20
1981-01-18SpiralsaxophoneThe Crusaders6:16
1981-01-18Sweet Gentle LovesaxophoneThe Crusaders5:43
1981-01-18The HustlersaxophoneThe Crusaders9:04
1981-09Burnin’ Up the CarnivalsaxophoneThe Crusaders5:44
2003-10Ballad for Joetenor saxophoneThe Crusaders7:11
2003-10Carnival of the Nighttenor saxophoneThe Crusaders5:16
2003-10Creepin'tenor saxophoneThe Crusaders8:58
2003-10I Felt the Lovetenor saxophoneThe Crusaders5:20
2003-10It Happens Everydaytenor saxophoneThe Crusaders4:46
2003-10Put It Where You Want Ittenor saxophoneThe Crusaders6:59
2003-10Shotgun House Groovetenor saxophoneThe Crusaders6:05
2003-10Way Back Hometenor saxophoneThe Crusaders6:23
2013-02-07 – 2013-02-10Mr. Masumotosolo and tenor saxophoneNils Landgren Funk Unit5:58
4 O'ClocksaxophoneWilton Felder5:12
A Healing Coming Ontenor saxophoneThe Crusaders7:20
African QueensaxophoneWilton Felder4:49
Antonio’s Song (The Rainbow)bass guitarMichael Franks5:04
Any World (That I’m Welcome To)bassSteely Dan3:55
As Long as I'm With YousaxophoneWilton Felder4:51
As Long as I'm With You (instrumental)saxophoneWilton Felder3:31
Asian FlowersaxophoneWilton Felder5:04
B’wana—He No Homebass guitarMichael Franks4:57
Baby Don’t Knockbass guitarCarl Graves?:??
Bad SneakersbassSteely Dan3:20
Be Tender With My Lovebass guitarCarl Graves?:??
Beer Can AlleybassRichard "Groove" Holmes & Ernie Watts5:42
Black FridaybassSteely Dan3:40
Blue FlamebassRandy Crawford6:28
Blue SkybassJoan Baez2:46
BoobassRichard "Groove" Holmes & Ernie Watts5:20
Both Sides NowbassHugh Masekela2:16
Breaking Up Is Hard to Dobass guitarCarl Graves?:??
Can't Take My Eyes Off YoubassRichard "Groove" Holmes & Ernie Watts5:13
Captain Jackelectric bass guitarBilly Joel6:57
Chain LightningbassSteely Dan3:01
Chain Reactionbass guitarMichael Franks5:14
Chain Reactionbass guitarThe Crusaders5:36
Chain ReactionsaxophoneThe Crusaders5:36
Children and All That JazzbassJoan Baez3:08
Come TogetherbassRichard "Groove" Holmes & Ernie Watts5:49
Creepin'tenor saxophoneThe Crusaders6:59
Cruzin'saxophoneWilton Felder3:35
Daddy Don’t Live in That New York City No MorebassSteely Dan3:16
Diamonds & RustbassJoan Baez4:46
Do What Cha Doin'bassArthur Adams2:55
Doctor WubassSteely Dan3:57
Don't Let Your Defenses DownsaxophoneWilton Felder5:14
Don’t Be Bluebass guitarMichael Franks3:28
Don’t Throw It All Awaybass guitarCarl Graves?:??
Down in Brazilbass guitarMichael Franks4:33
Eggplantbass guitarMichael Franks3:37
Everyone’s Gone to the MoviesbassSteely Dan3:45
Evil WaysbassRichard "Groove" Holmes & Ernie Watts2:52
Father Time (Maybe Then You'll Know)bassHugh Masekela3:00
Feel So Much BettersaxophoneWilton Felder5:08
Feeling FeelingbassDavid T. Walker4:34
For Lovers OnlysaxophoneWilton Felder6:03
ForeversaxophoneWilton Felder3:52
Freedom FlightbassShuggie Otis12:56
Goin' CrazysaxophoneWilton Felder5:28
Goin' Hometenor saxophoneThe Crusaders4:39
Greasy Spoontenor saxophoneThe Crusaders5:24
He’s Gonebass guitarDee Dee Bridgewater5:56
Heart Be Stillbass guitarCarl Graves?:??
Heartlandtenor saxophoneThe Crusaders7:03
Hello It's MebassLani Hall3:35
HelpbassTina Turner4:31
HelpsaxophoneTina Turner4:31
High WatersaxophoneWilton Felder3:44
How Can I Be a Manbass guitarCarl Graves?:??
Hurt So BadbassRichard "Groove" Holmes & Ernie Watts3:40
I Can't DancebassHugh Masekela3:45
I Don’t Know Why I’m So Happy I’m Sadbass guitarMichael Franks4:16
I Felt the LovesaxophoneThe Crusaders5:13
I Get High on YoubassDavid T. Walker4:06
I Really Hope It’s Youbass guitarMichael Franks4:54
I Remember Chet BakersaxophoneWilton Felder5:16
I Wish You LovebassDavid T. Walker4:17
I'll Never Be the SamesaxophoneWilton Felder4:35
I’m So Glad I’m Standing Here TodaysaxophoneThe Crusaders5:04
If I Knew Then What I Know NowsaxophoneWilton Felder3:55
In the Eye of the Stormbass guitarMichael Franks5:55
In the MomentsaxophoneWilton Felder3:39
InformationsaxophoneWilton Felder5:18
JessebassJoan Baez4:28
Jivebass guitarMichael Franks3:19
Last CallsaxophoneThe Crusaders7:59
Last Dance at DancelandbassRandy Crawford4:58
Lazy Sundaystenor saxophoneThe Crusaders5:32
Leave Us AlonebassHugh Masekela4:24
Let's Spend Some TimesaxophoneWilton Felder3:46
Lilies of the NilesaxophoneWilton Felder5:09
Love Is a RushsaxophoneWilton Felder5:08
Love StepssaxophoneWilton Felder5:56
Love's ParadisebassJoe Sample5:06
Lovin' YoubassDavid T. Walker3:44
Luckenbach Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)saxophoneThe Crusaders4:25
Luckenbach Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)electric bass guitar [electric bass]The Crusaders4:25
Make Me a PotionbassHugh Masekela5:30
Marcella’s DreamsaxophoneThe Crusaders6:51
Monkey See—Monkey Dobass guitarMichael Franks3:35
Mr. Bluebass guitarMichael Franks4:02
Mr. FeldersaxophoneWilton Felder5:06
Music of the NightsaxophoneWilton Felder6:31
My Heart Is Not as Young as It Used to BebassRandy Crawford3:55
My Lonely Roombass guitarDee Dee Bridgewater4:50
My One and Only LovesaxophoneWilton Felder2:55
My WaysaxophoneWilton Felder5:32
My Whole World Ended (the Moment You Left Me)bass guitarCarl Graves?:??
Night MoviessaxophoneWilton Felder5:39
Nightmovesbass guitarMichael Franks4:04
No OnesaxophoneWilton Felder5:29
Now We May BeginbassRandy Crawford4:56
On LovebassDavid T. Walker4:59
One Day I'll Fly AwaybassRandy Crawford5:03
Ooh Whop, Doo WhopsaxophoneWilton Felder3:38
Our LivesbassDavid T. Walker4:21
Out of Sight Not Out of MindsaxophoneWilton Felder3:59
Outside Lookin Intenor saxophoneRoy Gaines & His Orchestra5:53
Outside Lookin Insolo and tenor saxophoneRoy Gaines & His Orchestra5:53
Piano Manelectric bass guitarBilly Joel5:38
Popsicle Toesbass guitarMichael Franks4:35
Put It Where You Want Itbass guitarThe Crusaders5:28
Put It Where You Want ItsaxophoneThe Crusaders5:28
Rainbow Girlbass guitar [bass]Elliot Lurie5:41
Rainbow VisionssaxophoneWilton Felder5:38
Reprise (I’m So Glad I’m Standing Here Today)saxophoneThe Crusaders3:01
Rock With Yousolo and tenor saxophoneRoy Gaines & His Orchestra5:11
Rock With Youtenor saxophoneRoy Gaines & His Orchestra5:11
Rose DarlingbassSteely Dan3:06
Route 66solo and tenor saxophoneRoy Gaines & His Orchestra5:29
Route 66tenor saxophoneRoy Gaines & His Orchestra5:29
Rural Renewaltenor saxophoneThe Crusaders5:26
SailingbassJoan Baez4:22
Same Old Story (Same Old Song)bassRandy Crawford4:08
Same Old Story (Same Old Song)solo and tenor saxophoneRandy Crawford4:08
Sea BreezesaxophoneWilton Felder6:12
Shotgun House Groovetenor saxophoneThe Crusaders5:56
Since I Fell for YousaxophoneWilton Felder5:04
Sing the Songtenor saxophoneThe Crusaders4:53
Smoke HousesaxophoneWilton Felder3:42
Some Things Never ChangesaxophoneWilton Felder4:53
Sometimes I Just Forget to Smilebass guitarMichael Franks3:53
Southern PearlsaxophoneWilton Felder5:26
St. Elmo’s Firebass guitarMichael Franks3:59
Standing TallsaxophoneThe Crusaders6:47
Stomp and Buck DancesaxophoneThe Crusaders5:50
Sugar LoafsaxophoneWilton Felder4:49
Sunshine in Your EyessaxophoneThe Crusaders6:12
Sweet ThangbassShuggie Otis4:10
Tender Falls the RainbassRandy Crawford4:12
Tender Too SoonsaxophoneWilton Felder6:10
That’s the Way Love Isbass guitarCarl Graves?:??
The Altar Boy and the ThiefbassJoan Baez3:29
The Chances We TakesaxophoneWilton Felder5:31
The Lady Wants to Knowbass guitarMichael Franks4:45
The Longest NightsaxophoneThe Crusaders6:25
The Love I NeedsaxophoneWilton Felder5:01
The Territorytenor saxophoneThe Crusaders6:15
This Old World’s Too Funky for MesaxophoneThe Crusaders5:26
Throw Back the Little OnesbassSteely Dan3:14
Viva De Funktenor saxophoneThe Crusaders4:53
Wedding Bell BluesbassRichard "Groove" Holmes & Ernie Watts4:10
Welcome Homebass guitarCarl Graves?:??
When Your Life Was LowbassRandy Crawford3:20
Where Love Comes FromsaxophoneWilton Felder4:27
WonderlandbassJoe Sample5:02
WozabassHugh Masekela2:18
You Keep Me Hangin' OnbassHugh Masekela3:37
You Saved Mebass guitarDee Dee Bridgewater4:29
You’re Gonna Be All Alonebass guitarCarl Graves?:??
Your Gold Teeth IIbassSteely Dan4:15
1963-02Tough Talktenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
1963-09Heat Wavetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
1963Jazz Waltztenor saxophoneLes McCann & The Jazz Crusaders
1965-07Chile Con Soultenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
1965-07Chile Con Soultenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
1966-02-07Talk That Talktenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
1966The Festival AlbumsaxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
1967-05-15Uh Huhtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
1967-05-15Uh Huhtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
1967-11Lighthouse '68tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
1969-07Lighthouse '69tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
1971-05Pass the Platetenor saxophoneThe Crusaders
1971-05Pass the Platetenor saxophoneThe Crusaders
1973-08Unsung Heroestenor saxophoneThe Crusaders
At the Lighthousetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
Brian Elliotbass guitarBrian Elliot
Cecilio and Kaponobass guitar [bass]Cecilio & Kapono
Cecilio and Kaponobass guitar [bass]Cecilio & Kapono
Cecilio and Kaponobass guitar [bass]Cecilio & Kapono
Cecilio and Kaponobass guitar [bass]Cecilio & Kapono
Cecilio and Kaponobass guitar [bass]Cecilio & Kapono
Cecilio and Kaponobass guitar [bass]Cecilio & Kapono
Cecilio and Kaponobass guitar [bass]Cecilio & Kapono
Crusaders 1tenor saxophoneThe Crusaders
Crusaders 1bass guitarThe Crusaders
Dancin' Through the StreetssaxophoneThe Johannesburg Street Band
For the RosesbassJoni Mitchell
For the RosesbassJoni Mitchell
For the RosesbassJoni Mitchell
For the RosesbassJoni Mitchell
Give Peace a Chancetenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
Gruska on GruskaJay Gruska
Hollywoodtenor saxophoneThe Crusaders
Hollywoodtenor saxophoneThe Crusaders
I Want Youbass guitarMarvin Gaye
ImagessaxophoneThe Crusaders
In Search Of LovebassAlex Brown
Italian Graffitibass guitarNick DeCaro
Lookin' Aheadtenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
Old Socks New Shoes - New Socks Old Shoestenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
Old Socks New Shoes - New Socks Old Shoestenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
Peddlin' Music on the Sidebass guitarLamont Dozier
Piano ManMr. Wilton FelderbassBilly Joel
Reelin' With the Feelin'tenor saxophoneCharles Kynard
Sail Awaybass guitarRandy Newman
Sail Awaybass guitarRandy Newman
Songs Our Father Used to Singbass guitarCharles May & Annette May Thomas
Streetlife Serenadebass guitarBilly Joel
Streetlife SerenadebassBilly Joel
The Best of...tenor saxophoneThe Jazz Crusaders
The Painter (quadraphonic)bassPaul Anka
Bayou BottomsThe Crusaders4:17
Beauty and the BeastJoe Sample6:30
Cosmic ReignThe Crusaders7:16
Covert ActionThe Crusaders5:19
Fairy TalesThe Crusaders4:44
Just a Little HigherJoe Sample5:32
Marcella’s DreamThe Crusaders6:51
Merry-Go-RoundThe Crusaders6:13
Night FlightJoe Sample9:00
SnowflakeThe Crusaders4:55
The HunterJoe Sample5:48
Wings of FireJoe Sample5:25
Rocky RoadThe Ventures
(No Matter How High I Get) I'll Still Be Lookin' Up to YouWilton Felder7:00
4 O'ClockWilton Felder5:12
A Rainy Day in MontereyJoe Sample5:44
African SpiritStix Hooper5:39
After HoursJoe Sample & David T. Walker4:28
As Long as I'm With YouWilton Felder4:51
As Long as I'm With You (instrumental)Wilton Felder3:31
Bayou BottomsThe Crusaders4:17
Beauty and the BeastJoe Sample6:30
Blue BalletJoe Sample4:09
Brazos River BreakdownStix Hooper4:36
Burnin' Up the CarnivalJoe Sample7:20
C. C. RiderJoe Sample & David T. Walker4:16
Cannery RowJoe Sample4:05
CarmelJoe Sample5:39
Carnival of the NightThe Crusaders6:21
Cordon BleuStix Hooper6:40
Cosmic ReignThe Crusaders7:16
Covert ActionThe Crusaders5:19
Cruzin'Wilton Felder3:35
Don't Let Your Defenses DownWilton Felder5:14
Dream of DreamsJoe Sample4:49
Driftin' On A DreamWilton Felder5:12
Elegant EveningThe Crusaders6:09
Eye of the HurricaneJoe Sample5:20
Fairy TalesThe Crusaders4:44
Gentle FireWilton Felder7:15
Greener GrassJoe Sample5:21
Hallelujah, I Love Her SoJoe Sample & David T. Walker5:02
HelpTina Turner4:31
High WaterWilton Felder3:44
Honest I DoJoe Sample & David T. Walker3:29
Honky TonkJoe Sample & David T. Walker5:15
Honky Tonk Struttin’The Crusaders4:26
I Found YouWilton Felder7:25
I Get To Feel Like You DoWilton Felder6:06
I Know Who I AmWilton Felder4:19
I Remember Chet BakerWilton Felder5:16
I'll Never Be the SameWilton Felder4:35
I've Got a Secret I'm Gonna TellWilton Felder6:54
I’m So Glad I’m Standing Here TodayThe Crusaders5:04
In the MomentWilton Felder3:39
InformationWilton Felder5:18
Inherit the WindWilton Felder7:23
InsightWilton Felder7:24
Jasmine BreezeStix Hooper7:45
Just a Little HigherJoe Sample5:32
L.A. LightWilton Felder5:43
La LuzWilton Felder4:44
Last CallThe Crusaders6:43
Let's Dance TogetherWilton Felder5:55
Let's Spend Some TimeWilton Felder3:46
Love Is a RushWilton Felder5:08
Luckenbach Texas (Back to the Basics of Love)The Crusaders4:25
Marcella’s DreamThe Crusaders6:51
Merry-Go-RoundThe Crusaders6:13
Midnight and MistJoe Sample6:53
More Beautiful Each DayJoe Sample6:29
Mr. ScootsWilton Felder6:08
My LadyThe Crusaders6:42
My Name Is LoveWilton Felder5:00
Next Time U See MeJoe Sample & David T. Walker4:55
Night FacesThe Crusaders5:05
Night FlightJoe Sample9:00
No OneWilton Felder5:29
Only For Those Who CareWilton Felder4:58
Ooh Whop, Doo WhopWilton Felder3:38
PaintingsJoe Sample5:25
PassionStix Hooper4:06
Reprise (I’m So Glad I’m Standing Here Today)The Crusaders3:01
Rhapsody and BluesThe Crusaders8:50
Ride OnWilton Felder4:25
RockhouseJoe Sample & David T. Walker3:40
Rodeo Drive (High Steppin')The Crusaders4:21
Rum or Tequila?Stix Hooper4:04
Sea BreezeWilton Felder6:12
SecretsWilton Felder5:56
ShadowsJoe Sample6:13
Smoke HouseWilton Felder3:42
SnowflakeThe Crusaders4:55
Some Things Never ChangeWilton Felder4:53
Someday We'll All Be FreeWilton Felder5:44
Somewhere In My PastWilton Felder6:07
Sonata in SolitudeJoe Sample5:58
Soul ShadowsThe Crusaders8:18
Standing TallThe Crusaders6:47
Street LifeThe Crusaders11:15
Summer Nights In RioWilton Felder5:51
SunriseJoe Sample5:24
Sunshine in Your EyesThe Crusaders6:12
Sweet Gentle LoveThe Crusaders4:55
Tender Too SoonWilton Felder6:10
The Chances We TakeWilton Felder5:31
The Cycles of TimeWilton Felder5:01
The HunterJoe Sample5:48
The HustlerThe Crusaders5:25
The Little Drummer BoyStix Hooper6:37
The Longest NightThe Crusaders6:25
The Love I NeedWilton Felder5:01
The Truth SongWilton Felder5:24
This Old World’s Too Funky for MeThe Crusaders5:26
Until the Morning ComesWilton Felder5:02
Voices in the RainJoe Sample6:28
We All Have a StarWilton Felder5:02
Where Love Comes FromWilton Felder4:27
Why BelieveWilton Felder4:57
Wings of FireJoe Sample5:25
Woke Up This MorningJoe Sample & David T. Walker4:17
You and Me and EcstasyWilton Felder4:02
ImagesThe Crusaders
1978-07 – 1978-08I Know Who I AmWilton Felder4:19
Inherit the Wind
Way Back Home