Plainsong (British country rock/folk rock band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Spanish Town 2:53
Spirits 4:26
Steal That Beat 3:15
Stranded GBCDM9800015 3:58
Sweet Amelia 1:45
Swinging Doors (Prev. Unreleased) 2:58
That's All It Could Amount To (Prev. Unreleased) 1:25
The Clearances 3:57
The Dream Goes On 3:38
The Falcon 3:43
The Fault (Prev. Unreleased) 2:51
The Goodnight Lovin' Trail (Prev. Unreleased) 4:38
The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (conclusion) 2:56
The Quiet Joys of Brotherhood (prelude) 2:15
The Rat and the Snake 6:22
The Wrong Track GBCDM9800023 3:57
Tigers Will Survive (radio session) 5:03
Time Between (radio session) 2:32
Toscanini’s Darkhorse 3:24
Towie 3:03
Truck Driving Man (radio session) 2:59
True Story of Amelia Earhart 4:33
True Story of Amelia Earhart USEE10609464 4:33
True Story of Amelia Earhart (live) 4:21
True Story of Amelia Earhart's Last Night 4:33
Under the Volcano 2:42
Unreal Dreams 3:11
Unusual Girl 3:21
Urban Cowboy (Prev. Unreleased) 3:43
Valley Got a New Dog GBCDM9800019 3:00
Voices 3:54
Welcome to London Town 3:34
What's Wrong With This Picture? GBCDM9800020 4:14
Where the Coyotes Roam 2:16
William's Canon 2:49
Wreck of the Old 97 (radio session) 1:56
Yo Yo Man 2:13
Yo Yo Man 2:13

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