Harry Miller

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member of: Centipede (70s UK jazz/progressive rock/Canterbury sound big band)
Harry Miller's Isipingo
The Mike Westbrook Concert Band
Ovary Lodge
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Angel nemali bass guitar Dudu Pukwana 6:04
Angel nemali double bass Dudu Pukwana 6:04
Baloyi double bass Dudu Pukwana 5:18
Baloyi bass guitar Dudu Pukwana 5:18
Carnival bass John Surman 5:47
Ezilalini double bass Dudu Pukwana 6:43
Ezilalini bass guitar Dudu Pukwana 6:43
Formentera Lady double bass King Crimson 10:16
Good Times Will Come Again bass John Surman 6:11
Islands double bass King Crimson 11:54
Kucken und drücken bass Brötzmann, Miller, Moholo 13:09
Long Time Service bass Brötzmann, Miller, Moholo 9:55
My Pussin bass John Surman 5:54
Nobomyu double bass Dudu Pukwana 4:00
Nobomyu bass guitar Dudu Pukwana 4:00
Obeah Wedding bass John Surman 6:30
Schnell im Biss bass Brötzmann, Miller, Moholo 5:17
Sekela khuluma bass guitar Dudu Pukwana 4:09
Sekela khuluma double bass Dudu Pukwana 4:09
Sonia double bass Dudu Pukwana 3:28
Sonia bass guitar Dudu Pukwana 3:28
Take Off bass Gary Windo 5:31
The Nearer the Bone, the Sweeter the Meat bass Brötzmann, Miller, Moholo 15:38
Zukude bass guitar Dudu Pukwana 5:43
Zukude double bass Dudu Pukwana 5:43