Ageness (Finnish neo-progressive rock band)

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Chain Reaction 5:31
Entering 1:11
Fear 4:24
Liar's Lair / The Wrong Turn 12:25
Line of Force 6:25
Martial Arts 9:55
Metamorphosis 10:04
Praying Stone 5:32
Sequels (The Feast of Fools): i. High on the Clouds ii. Shadowplay iii. Philandering iv. Royal Flush v. Do the Chase vi. The Way vii. Out! viii. Second Line of Force ix. Final Clause x. Imagenesia 26:33
Sons of Madness 5:04
The Bizarre Garden Incident 7:47
The Lament of Ghosts 9:27
The Lie and the Liar 7:13
Why Don't You Go Away 6:38

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