Wes (Cameroonian musician)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Africa Free Dance Wes FRZ080001570 3:34
Alane Wes FRZ089601910 3.5 3:40
Alane Wes 3:43
Alane Wes 3:45
Alane Wes 4:33
Alane Wes 3:35
Alane Wes 3:43
Alane Wes 3:42
Alane Wes 3:42
Alane Wes 3:40
Alane Wes 3:41
Alane Wes 3:41
Alane Wes ?:??
Alane Wes 3:40
Alane Wes 3:39
Alane Wes FRZ089601910 3:40
Alane (part of “Ben Liebrand: Grandmix, The Summer Edition” DJ-Mix) Wes 1:42
Alane (a cappella) Wes FRZ089700630 3:36
Alane (club remix) (Full version) Wes FRZ089700610 8:04
Alane (club remix) (short version) Wes FRZ089700600 3:36
Alane (Drop remix) (Full version) Wes FRZ089700620 8:07
Alane (Drop remix) (Full version) Wes FRZ089703770 8:04
Alane (instrumental) Wes 3:36
Alane (Orgasmic Apparition mix) Wes 10:22
Alane (Philcat Flashing Widow mix) Wes FRZ089703240 6:39
Alane (radio mix) Wes FRZ089700590 3:41
Alane (Todd Terry radio mix) Wes 3:41
Alane (Todd Terry Radio Mix) Wes 3:40
Alane (Todd Terry's club mix) Wes 8:06
Alane (Todd Terry's Drop mix) Wes 8:05
Alane (Tony Moran a cappella) Wes FRZ089703230 4:40
Alane (Tony Moran club mix) Wes FRZ089801260 4:41
Alane (Tony Moran instrumental mix) Wes FRZ089703220 4:40
Alane (Tony Moran main pass mix) Wes FRZ089703210 4:39
Alane (Tony Moran's club mix) Wes 4:43
Alane (Trouser Enthusiast's Orgasmic Appariation Mix) Wes 9:08
Alane (Trouser Enthusiasts Orgasmic Apparition Mix) Wes 9:44
Alane (Trouser Enthusiasts) Wes FRZ089703500 10:44
Alane (Trousers Enthusiasts Orgasmic Apperation mix) Wes 10:43
Awa Awa Wes 4:41
Awa Awa Wes FRZ089700540 3:28
Awa Awa Wes FRZ089601720 4:28
Awa Awa Wes 4:27
Awa Awa Wes 3:49
Awa Awa Wes 4:26
Awa Awa Wes 4:32
Awa Awa Wes 3:37
Awa Awa Wes 4:06
Awa Awa Wes FRZ089601721 3:59
Awa Awa Wes 4:28
Awa Awa Wes ?:??
Awa Awa Wes ?:??
Awa Awa (Arena mix club edit) Wes 4:46
Awa Awa (Arena mix club edit) Wes FRZ089700530 4:42
Awa Awa (Arena mix full version) Wes FRZ089700560 10:01
Awa Awa (radio edit) Wes FRZ089700520 3:50
Awa Awa (Riff dub) Wes FRZ089700550 6:17
Awa Awa (Tribal Beats) Wes FRZ089700540 3:27
Bantou Soul Wes FRZ080001650 3:43
Degue Wegue Wes FRZ089601980 3:36
Doutou (extended version) Wes FRZ089901830 5:30
Doutou (radio edit) Wes FRZ089901820 3:27
Eyalé Wes FRZ080001630 4:35
I ♥ Football (version courte) Wes FRZ089800251 2:42
I ♥ Football (version longue) Wes FRZ089800250 4:40
I ♥ Football (version instrumentale) Wes FRZ089800253 2:42
I Love Football Wes 2:40
I Love Football (Fortright dub) Wes 6:55
I Love Football (Fortright vocal club) Wes 7:22
I Love Football (radio edit) Wes 3:43
I Love Football (short version) Wes 2:43
I Love Football (version a cappella) Wes FRZ089800252 4:40
In Youpendi Wes & Ladysmith Black Mambazo 3:23
Kekana Wes 3:20
Kekana Wes FRZ089601920 3:19
Keli Maye (original version) Wes FRZ080001550 3:21
Keli Maye (Soda club radio mix) Wes FRZ080002300 3:22
Ken Mouka Wes FRZ089601940 3:44
Kili Awo Wes FRZ080001580 3:38
Lem Lem Wes FRZ080001600 3:43
Mawaza Wes FRZ089601950 4:48
Midiwa Boi (I Love Football) Wes 2:41
Midiwa Bol (I Love Football) Wes 2:40
Midiwa Bôl (I Love Football) Wes FRZ089800250
Mindoulou Wes FRZ089601960 4:13
Mizobiya Wes FRZ089601970 4:54
Mizobiya Wes FRZ089601970 4:24
Mouataba Interlude Wes FRZ080001640 1:25
Ramende Wes FRZ089601990 4:03
Sela Sela Wes & Zahra 3:00
Sela Sela feat. Bossman Wes & Zahra 2:50
Sinami Wes FRZ080001540 3:47
Sweet Bitowo Wes 4:28
Touba Interlude Wes FRZ080001610 0:41
We Don't Need No War Wes FRZ089703200 3:51
Welenga Wes FRZ089602010 5:06
Wezale Wes FRZ089601930 4:39
Woukase Wes FRZ089602000 4:26
Yake Yake Wes FRZ080001620 3:42
Zoumni Wes FRZ080001560 3:17

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