The powerhouse band known as My Own Black Eye started in Portland, Oregon, as a concept mulled over by two lifelong friends and musicians, Christopher Blanchard and Myki Vinovich. They were tired of playing in other people's band and wanted to start something of their own. Christopher, with his years of band experience, was tired of dealing with egotistical, drug addicted, maniacal prima donna guitar players and singers. See these guys are a dime a dozen. But bass players, and I mean actual holdin' down the whole rhythm section bass players, not guitar players playing the bass because no one else will, are very hard to find. Christopher wanted to be in his final band. So they sought out their close friend Charles Petry to be the singer. Charles had roadied for Christopher and Myki's previous band The Loaders, but that is not all he could do. Charles had a strong music and performance background and this, coupled with his overly charismatic personality, made entertaining second nature. Charles was the perfect fit for the front man to spite not ever being in a band before, but to Christopher and Myki this actually made sense. They figured they wouldn't have to deal with another prima donna, but a friend first and someone who looked up to them. And, as they thought, Charles was shocked but excited to do it when they approached him about their new band, My Own Black Eye. Without hesitation the band started their first practice April 20, 2005. Of course, now all they needed was a drummer, however, drummers are a hard thing to find in the Pacific Northwest and several were used during this transition period. When Myki had to go back to Peoria, Illinois, The band went on as a trio for about a year with Charles playing guitar and lead vocals, even though Christopher had moved five hours away to Southern Oregon. Eventually the time came to record and the band went to Zama studios in Central Point, Oregon to record their demo. Here, working with owner/producer/engineer Tom Simcoe was a treat. It was there that Charles and Christopher decided to upgrade at the drummer position and Tom, who has played drums for thirty+ years was glad to oblige. Excited about the new lineup the guys went to work on an album as soon as Tom learned the songs, which didn't take long because he recorded the first demo. Now instead of Christopher commuting to Portland where 2/3 of the band lived now it was Charles' turn to commute to Southern Oregon. The first recordings turned out great but the guys wanted better than great. Tom, who has recorded several local musicians, knew of a perfect fit to play lead guitar. He let friend and guitar virtuoso, and winner of Oregon's 2004 Guitarmageddon, and singer/guitarist for Major Jones, Kelly Cornett listen to the recordings. Kelly really liked the fresh, original, and sometimes silly styling the band used, and felt he could contribute in a positive way. Kelly's influence turned this three man garage band into a bona fide, synchronized, rock and roll juggernaut. The music itself is a hard rock, ska, blues, punk, grunge, surf hybrid. Tom's blazing fills and percussive punch, Christopher's solid, groovy bass lines, Charles's thoughtful and witty lyrics, and Kelly's unmatched guitar skills, My Own Black Eye is a well finished product. You can catch one of My Own Black Eye's legendary live shows playing all over Oregon and soon to be California. Contact info: or

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2007 Shot For Shot 1

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