Unicante (a cappella choir of the student service organization Göttingen)

~ Choir


conductor:Jan Kristof Lüders (from 2002-10 until 2005-07)
Benjamin Beeck (from 2005-10 until 2008-07)
Friedemann Will (from 2008-10 until 2012-07)
Philip Schüller (from 2012-10 until 2014-07)
Jana Faust (from 2014-10 until 2016-07)
Jonas Richter (from 2016-10 until 2018-07)
Sebastian Albert (from 2018-10 to present)
tours:Sommernachtskonzerte: Cosmic Love Oddity
Sommernachtskonzerte: Mit Unicante um die Welt
official homepages:https://www.unicante.org/ [info]
social networking:https://www.facebook.com/Unicante [info]
https://www.instagram.com/chor.unicante/ [info]
YouTube channels:https://www.youtube.com/unicante [info]
VIAF ID:176030240 [info]
Last.fm:https://www.last.fm/music/Unicante [info]


[untitled]choir vocalsUnicante0:33
4 Chordschoir vocalsUnicante4:06
25 Minuteschoir vocalsUnicante4:29
90’s Dance A Cappella Medley Mixchoir vocalsUnicante6:59
Alles nur geklautchoir vocalsUnicante2:32
Also sprach Zarathustrachoir vocalsUnicante1:25
Babychoir vocalsUnicante4:07
Bang Bangchoir vocalsUnicante2:34
Breakawaychoir vocalsUnicante4:09
Crocodile Rockchoir vocalsUnicante4:24
Currywurstchoir vocalsUnicante3:50
Das vergiftete Geschenkchoir vocalsUnicante2:33
Daylightchoir vocalsUnicante3:41
Die zweite Geigechoir vocalsUnicante6:21
Down in the Pastchoir vocalsUnicante3:45
Drei-Tage-Bartchoir vocalsUnicante3:02
Drive My Carchoir vocalsUnicante2:30
Ein bisschen Gagachoir vocalsUnicante3:45
Ein Chor wie wirchoir vocalsUnicante2:26
Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)choir vocalsUnicante3:36
Faust auf Faustchoir vocalsUnicante4:15
Go Your Own Waychoir vocalsUnicante3:32
Hallo Peter!choir vocalsUnicante5:46
Head Over Feetchoir vocalsUnicante4:15
I Will Dancechoir vocalsUnicante3:57
Ich ess’ Blumenchoir vocalsUnicante3:35
Ich liebe meine Küchechoir vocalsUnicante3:51
Ich will keine Schokoladechoir vocalsUnicante2:45
Im Dunkelnchoir vocalsUnicante4:59
Innocencechoir vocalsUnicante3:44
Ja, Schatzchoir vocalsUnicante5:17
Jungechoir vocalsUnicante3:25
Knekker deg til sistchoir vocalsUnicante3:49
Left Outside Alonechoir vocalsUnicante4:37
Liebe geht durch den Magenchoir vocalsUnicante3:34
M&Fchoir vocalsUnicante4:41
Ne Leichechoir vocalsUnicante4:05
Nobody’s Homechoir vocalsUnicante3:39
O Fortunachoir vocalsUnicante2:53
Ohrwurmchoir vocalsUnicante3:26
Ohrwurm (Reprise)choir vocalsUnicante1:47
Pirates of the Caribbeanchoir vocalsUnicante2:51
Schüttel deinen Speckchoir vocalsUnicante4:09
Schwerter und Heldenchoir vocalsUnicante8:42
Skyfallchoir vocalsUnicante4:29
Stillchoir vocalsUnicante4:19
Swingin’ Like Tiger Woodschoir vocalsUnicante3:14
Tears Into Winechoir vocalsUnicante4:20
Teenage Dirtbagchoir vocalsUnicante4:13
The Bard’s Song: In the Forestchoir vocalsUnicante3:48
The Elder Songschoir vocalsUnicante2:21
The Missionchoir vocalsUnicante3:26
Toastbrotbabychoir vocalsUnicante3:16
Tributechoir vocalsUnicante4:47
Über den Wolkenchoir vocalsUnicante4:10
Umbrellachoir vocalsUnicante3:17
Underneath Your Clotheschoir vocalsUnicante3:52
Won’t Forget These Dayschoir vocalsUnicante4:26