2019Sound Selection ClassicVarious Artists1
2005ADA Fall 2005 SamplerVarious Artists1
2010Matador at 21 - Matador Today (2008-2010)Various Artists1
2015Momentos 2014 vol. II: Canciones internacionalesVarious Artists1


2009Score! 20 Years of Merge Records: The Covers!Various Artists1
2012Just Tell Me That You Want Me: A Tribute to Fleetwood MacVarious Artists2
2023Merge Records Fall/Winter Sampler 2023Various Artists1

Album + Compilation

2000Vancouver SpecialVarious Artists1
2001Team Mint, Volume TwoVarious Artists1
2002Don't Shoot the Toy Piano Player: Live From WFMUVarious Artists1
2004Matador at FifteenVarious Artists1
20062006 Polaris Music Prize Album of the Year NomineesVarious Artists1
2007Sonic Boom - 10 Years! Great Minds Think AlikeVarious Artists1
2007HMV and Universal Music Canada Presents: Rocker in Your LockerVarious Artists1
2008Intended Play (Spring 2008)Various Artists2
2008The Voices And Faces Project, Vol. 1Various Artists1
2009Dark Was the NightVarious Artists57
2010Intended Play 2010Various Artists1
2010Matador at 21Various Artists51
201489.3 The Current: Live Current, Volume 10Various Artists1
2014FM4 Soundselection 31Various Artists1
2017FM4 Soundselection 36Various Artists2
2017Dine Alone Records: Summer SamplerVarious Artists1
2017Best of 2017 IndieVarious Artists1
2017Dine Alone Records: Winter SamplerVarious Artists1
2017Live at the World Cafe Volume 42Various Artists1
2020Save Stereogum: An ’00s Covers CompVarious Artists1
2021Indie Mixtape 2021Various Artists1
2k1's HitsVarious Artists1
Matador Records: Intended Play Spring 2003Various Artists1
2001CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 91: March 2001Various Artists1
2001Virgin Recommends 4Various Artists1
2002Uncut, 2002.8: All or NothingVarious Artists1
2003CMJ New Music Monthly, Volume 113: June 2003Various Artists1
2003HVY.14.SumosonicVarious Artists1
2003Matador Records: Intended Play 2003Various Artists1
2004Intended Play (Spring/Summer 2004)Various Artists1
2005Intended Play 2005: Wrongs of SpringVarious Artists1
2005Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, October 2005Various Artists1
2005Loud Monkey Music: Present 2Various Artists1
2006Mint Records Presents: The CBC Radio 3 SessionsVarious Artists1
2006Comes With a Smile, Volume 16: How They Wash Away...Various Artists1
2007Les Inrockuptibles présentent : une rentrée 2007, volume 1Various Artists1
2007Now Hear This! (September 2009)Various Artists1
2015Indie/Rock Playlist: February 2015Various Artists1
2017Uncut: DreamsVarious Artists1
2017Promo Only: Modern Rock Radio, March 2017Various Artists1
99 Best Covers Ever, Volume IVVarious Artists1

Album + Compilation + Live

2008Live at the World Cafe Volume 26: MarathonVarious Artists1
2011ONXRT: Live From the Archives, Volume 13Various Artists1
2017KBCO Studio C, Volume 29Various Artists1
2018In Studio at WNRN Volume 6Various Artists1

Album + Soundtrack

2002Men With BroomsVarious Artists1
2002Fubar: The AlbumVarious Artists1
2005WeedsVarious Artists2
2008HeroesVarious Artists23
2008American TeenVarious Artists2

Album + Live

2004CBC Radio 3: Sessions, Volume 1Various Artists1

Unspecified type

2014Indie/Rock Playlist: November (2014)Various Artists1

Other + Compilation

2007Indie/Rock Playlist: July 2007Various Artists1
2007Indie/Rock Playlist: August (2007)Various Artists1
2008Indie/Rock Playlist: February (2008)Various Artists1
2008Indie/Rock Playlist: March 2008Various Artists1
2008Indie/Rock Playlist: Best of 2008Various Artists1
2010Indie/Rock Playlist: April 2010Various Artists1
2010Indie/Rock Playlist: May 2010Various Artists1
2010Indie/Rock Playlist: June 2010Various Artists1
2011Indie/Rock Playlist: March (2011)Various Artists1
2012Indie/Rock Playlist: July 2012Various Artists1
2014Indie/Rock Playlist: June 2014Various Artists1
2015Indie/Rock Playlist: April 2015Various Artists1
2015Indie/Rock Playlist: Best of 2014–2015Various Artists1
2017Indie/Rock Playlist: March 2017Various Artists1
2017Indie/Rock Playlist: July 2017Various Artists1
2017Indie/Rock Playlist: October 2017Various Artists1
2017Indie/Rock Playlist: Best of 2016–2017Various Artists1
2019Indie/Rock Playlist: December 2019, Vol. 1Various Artists1
2019Indie/Rock Playlist: Best of 2018-2019Various Artists1
2019IRP December (2019) Vol. 2Various Artists1
2020Indie/Rock Playlist: March 2020Various Artists1
2020Indie/Rock Playlist: Even More CoversVarious Artists1
2020Indie/Rock Playlist: June 2020Various Artists1
2023Indie/Rock Playlist: April 2023Various Artists1
Indie/Rock Playlist: July (2010)Various Artists1
Indie/Rock Playlist: August 2008Various Artists1

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