members: Darius Koski (guitar)
Greg McEntee (drums)
Miles Peck
Kevin Wickersham ( – ????)
Max Huber (– 2002)
Spike Slawson (bass guitar) (1997 – 2012)
original members: Johnny "Peebucks" Bonnel (lead vocals)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
(You’ve Got to) Give It All to the Man $wingin’ Utter$ 1:10
A Promise to Distinction co $wingin’ Utter$ 2:08
As Sure As I’m Down co $wingin’ Utter$ 2:01
As You Start Leaving co $wingin’ Utter$ 2:44
Bent Collector of 1,000 Limbs $wingin’ Utter$ 2:32
Blindness Is Kind $wingin’ Utter$ 2:59
Brand New Lungs $wingin’ Utter$ 2:43
Effortless Amnesiac $wingin’ Utter$ 3:35
Five Lessons Learned co $wingin’ Utter$ 1:56
Fruitless Fortunes co $wingin’ Utter$ 2:53
Good People co $wingin’ Utter$ 2:19
Good Things $wingin’ Utter$ 2:04
Heavy Head $wingin’ Utter$ 2:29
I Need Feedback co $wingin’ Utter$ 3:28
Kick It Over $wingin’ Utter$ 2:31
Lepers, Thieves and Whores $wingin’ Utter$ 2:18
New Day Rising co $wingin’ Utter$ 1:50
Picture’s Perfect co $wingin’ Utter$ 2:37
Reds and Blues and Beggars $wingin’ Utter$ 2:16
Scary Brittle Frame $wingin’ Utter$ 2:13
Sketch Squandered Teen $wingin’ Utter$ 2:03
Taking the Long Way $wingin’ Utter$ 2:00
Tell Me Lies co $wingin’ Utter$ 2:10
The Stooge co $wingin’ Utter$ 3:27
This Bastard’s Life co $wingin’ Utter$ 3:06
Time on My Own $wingin’ Utter$ 2:48
Two Jacks Shitty co $wingin’ Utter$ 1:43
Unpopular Again co $wingin’ Utter$ 3:16
Untitled 21 co $wingin’ Utter$ 2:37
Untitled 21: A Juvenile Tribute to Swingin' Utters Various Artists