Domino (avex Eurobeat artist)

~ Person

Legal name: Alessandra Mirka Gatti

Also performs as: Dynamika, Juliet (90's Eurobeat, A.Beat-C), Le Belle Fiches, Linda Martin (Alessandra Mirka Gatti, Eurobeat), Lucrezia B, Mirka (Alessandra Mirka Gatti, Eurobeat), Paula Roberts, Sheela (Alessandra Mirka Gatti, Eurobeat)




1995The Alfee Meets DanceDave Rodgers1
2002Ultra's StadiumVarious Artists1

Album + Compilation

1991Super Eurobeat, Volume 13 (extended version)Various Artists1
1991Super Eurobeat, Volume 16 (extended version)Various Artists1
1991Super Eurobeat, Volume 17Various Artists1
1992Maharaja Night Hi-NRG Revolution, Volume 1Various Artists1
1992Super Eurobeat, Volume 22: Mega-Mix Edition - King & Queen SpecialVarious Artists1
1992Super Eurobeat, Volume 25: Non Stop Mix King and Queen Maharaja Saloon SpecialVarious Artists1
1993Super Eurobeat, Volume 32 (extended version)Various Artists1
1993Super Eurobeat, Volume 33: Non-Stop Mix- King & Queen SpecialVarious Artists1
1993Super Eurobeat, Volume 37 (extended version)Various Artists1
1993Super Eurobeat, Volume 39: Extended VersionVarious Artists1
1993Super Eurobeat, Volume 40: Anniversary Nonstop EditionVarious Artists1
1994Maharaja Night 哀愁 Euro SpecialVarious Artists1
1994Super Eurobeat Presents ’70s Dance Meets ’90s BeatVarious Artists1
1994Super Eurobeat, Volume 46: Non-Stop Count Down MixVarious Artists1
1994Super Eurobeat, Volume 48: Extended VersionVarious Artists1
1994Super Eurobeat, Volume 50: Anniversary Non-Stop Mix - Greatest Euro Hits 50!Various Artists1
1994The Best of Maharaja Night 1994Various Artists1
1995Super Eurobeat, Volume 53: Non-Stop MegamixVarious Artists1
1995Maharaja Night Hi-NRG Revolution Volume 16Various Artists1
1995Super Eurobeat, Volume 60: Anniversary Non-Stop Mix - Request Count Down 60!!Various Artists1
1995Maharaja Night Hi-NRG Revolution, Volume 17Various Artists1
1996Super Eurobeat Vol. 63 - Non-Stop Mega MixVarious Artists1
1996Maharaja Night Vol.16 Non-Stop Disco MixVarious Artists1
1996Super Eurobeat, Volume 64Various Artists1
1996Maharaja Night Hi-NRG Revolution, Volume 19Various Artists1
1996Super Eurobeat, Volume 66Various Artists1
1996Maharaja Night Vol.17 Non-Stop Disco MixVarious Artists1
1996Super Eurobeat, Volume 69Various Artists1
1996Super Eurobeat, Volume 70Various Artists1
1996Maharaja Night, Vol. 18: Non-Stop Disco MixVarious Artists1
1996The Best of Maharaja Night 1996Various Artists1
1996Super Eurobeat, Volume 73Various Artists1
1997Maharaja Night Vol.19 Non-Stop Disco Mix Euro Fire SpecialVarious Artists1
1997Maharaja Night Vol.20 Anniversary Non-Stop Disco MixVarious Artists1
1997Super Eurobeat, Volume 79Various Artists2
1997Super Eurobeat, Volume 80: Anniversary Non-Stop Mix Request Count Down 80!!Various Artists1
1998Super Eurobeat, Volume 88Various Artists1
1998Super Eurobeat, Volume 90: Anniversary Non-Stop Mix Request Count Down 90!!Various Artists1
1998The Best of Non-Stop Super Eurobeat 1998Various Artists1
1999Super Eurobeat, Volume 95Various Artists1
1999Super Eurobeat, Volume 96: Non-Stop Mega MixVarious Artists1
1999Super Eurobeat, Volume 97Various Artists1
1999Super Eurobeat, Volume 98Various Artists1
1999Super Eurobeat, Volume 99Various Artists1
1999Super Eurobeat, Volume 100: Anniversary Special Request Count Down 100!!Various Artists1
2000Super Eurobeat, Volume 101Various Artists1
2000Tokyo Disneyland: Club Disney Super Dancin' Mania -Mega Beat-Various Artists1
2000Super Eurobeat, Volume 104Various Artists1
2000Super Eurobeat, Volume 106Various Artists1
2000Super Eurobeat, Volume 108Various Artists1
2000Eurobeat DisneyVarious Artists1
2000Super Eurobeat, Volume 110: Millennium Anniversary Non‐Stop MegamixVarious Artists2.352
2001Eurobeat Disney, Volume 2Various Artists1
2001~The Early Days of SEB~ Euro Lovers 2Various Artists1
2001Super Eurobeat, Volume 118Various Artists1
2001Eurobeat Disney presents Winnie the PoohVarious Artists1
2001Eurobeat Disney, Volume 3Various Artists1
2001Super Eurobeat, Volume 120: New Century Anniversary Non-Stop MegamixVarious Artists1
2001Super Eurobeat, Volume 121Various Artists1
2001~The Early Days of SEB~ Euro Fantasy 3Various Artists1
2001Super Eurobeat, Volume 122Various Artists1
2001Super Eurobeat, Volume 123: Non-Stop MegamixVarious Artists1
2002Super Eurobeat, Volume 124Various Artists2
2002Super Eurobeat, Volume 127Various Artists1
2002Super Eurobeat, Volume 130: The Global Heat 2002: Request RushVarious Artists1
2003Super Eurobeat, Volume 138Various Artists1
2003Super Eurobeat, Volume 140: Request Countdown 2003: Anniversary Non-Stop MixVarious Artists1
2003The Best of Non-Stop Super Eurobeat 2003Various Artists1
2004Super Eurobeat, Volume 144Various Artists1
2004Super Eurobeat, Volume 146Various Artists1
2004Super Eurobeat, Volume 150Various Artists1
2006Super Eurobeat, Volume 164Various Artists1
2006俄然パラパラ!! presents Campus Summit 2006Various Artists1
2006Cocktail MusiqueVarious Artists1
2007Super Eurobeat, Volume 175Various Artists1
2007Super Eurobeat, Volume 176Various Artists1
2007Super Eurobeat, Volume 180Various Artists1
2007Super Eurobeat, Volume 181Various Artists1
2007Super Eurobeat, Volume 182Various Artists1
2008Super Eurobeat, Volume 190: Euro Label Hits Selection Download Ranking 2008Various Artists1
2008Super Eurobeat, Volume 192: Let's PartyVarious Artists1
2009Super Eurobeat, Volume 194: Love & SweetsVarious Artists1
2009Super Eurobeat, Volume 198: Queen of EurobeatVarious Artists1
2009Super Eurobeat, Volume 199: Collaboration of EurobeatVarious Artists1
2010Super Eurobeat, Volume 200Various Artists1
2010Super Eurobeat, Volume 203Various Artists1
2010Chic Tunes Vocal House Selection, Volume 1Various Artists1
2011Super Eurobeat, Volume 211Various Artists1
2011Super Eurobeat, Volume 213: Non-Stop Mega MixVarious Artists1
2011Super Eurobeat, Volume 214Various Artists1
2011Super Eurobeat, Volume 220: Anniversary HitsVarious Artists1
2013Lounge & Chill 2012 (Music To Relax Sleep Yoga Massage)Various Artists1
2013Super Eurobeat, Volume 226Various Artists1
2014Super Eurobeat, Volume 230 - Anniversary Hits 100 TracksVarious Artists1
2015Super Eurobeat, Volume 233Various Artists1
2016Super Eurobeat, Volume 240: Anniversary Hits 100 TracksVarious Artists1
2017Super Eurobeat Vol. 244Various Artists1
2018Super Eurobeat, Volume 247Various Artists1

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