Howard Zinn

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Student Protests Against the ROTC 14:50
Textile Girls 3:58
The 2000 Election and the War on Terrorism 8:19
The American Revolution 1:50
The Artist and Society 3:04
The Best and the Brightest 1:55
The Black Revolt 13:19
The Bombing of Baghdad 11:20
The Civil Rights Movement 5:33
The Clinton Presidency 11:44
The Coming Revolt of the Guards 12:05
The Conquest of the Philippines 2:44
The Critical Question in Our Time 11:17
The Experts 3:00
The Founding Fathers 3:59
The Good Doctor 1:06
The Historian and Society 4:04
The History Profession 3:48
The Killing of King 15:37
The Labor Movement 9:23
The Ludlow Massacre 1:43
The Mexican War 2:12
The Need to Act 2:55
The New Deal 2:51
The New Government Policy 16:13
The Official Report on the Attica Uprising 9:05
The Patriotic Thing to Do 2:48
The Power of the People 5:57
The Prisons in the United States 14:28
The Response of the Government 12:49
The Same Old Story 2:41
The Struggle for Existence 2:54
The Unreported Resistance 2:22
The Us Was Out in the World 17:14
There Were Minor Voices Criticizing the War 6:39
They Ran Like Foreigners 4:29
They're Italians 4:23
Three Important Citizens 3:52
Times Indeed Were Changing 10:49
Un-American Activities 2:14
War Is Terrorism 8:07
Wars: Then and Now 8:22
What Is Patriotism? 2:51
When Kennedy Took Office 12:01
Why Solidarity Matters 8:41
Why War? 3:08
World War 2: 'The Good War' 4:03

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