Name ISRCs Rating Length
Lead Foot (main) 1:15
Lost in Gotham (background) 1:28
Lost in Gotham (main) 1:17
Machine Parts (background) 1:43
Machine Parts (main) 1:14
Market Imbalance (background) 1:23
Market Imbalance (main) 1:17
Mexican Bender (background) 1:31
Mexican Bender (main) 1:12
Mobilizing Force (alternate) 1:27
Mobilizing Force (background) 2:21
Mobilizing Force (main) 1:28
Nature Walk (background) 1:37
Nature Walk (main) 1:14
Nightmare Creature 0:38
On the Brink (background) 1:33
On the Brink (main) 1:27
Plethora of Banjos (background) 1:26
Plethora of Banjos (main) 1:04
Political Propulsion (background) 1:55
Political Propulsion (main) 1:17
Predator or Prey 0:37
Projections 0:41
Proudosity (background) 1:15
Proudosity (main) 1:05
Rabbi on a Surfboard (background) 1:46
Rabbi on a Surfboard (main) 1:11
Revenge of the Carol of the Bells (alternate) 1:19
Revenge of the Carol of the Bells (Background) 1:09
Revenge of the Carol of the Bells (main) 1:15
Reverse Big Bang 0:38
Soaring to War (background) 1:57
Soaring to War (main) 1:20
South of My Border (alternate) 1:28
South of My Border (background) 1:28
South of My Border (main) 1:24
Stand Tall (background) 1:35
Stand Tall (main) 1:11
Starting Over (background) 1:37
Starting Over (main) 1:10
Straight Through the Heartland (background) 1:39
Straight Through the Heartland (main) 1:07
Striking Distance (alternate) 0:24
Striking Distance (background) 2:25
Striking Distance (main) 1:27
Subliminal Escalation 0:30
Sunshine Forever and Ever and Ever (alternate) 1:25
Sunshine Forever and Ever and Ever (main) 1:07
Teen Angst (background) 1:36
Teen Angst (main) 1:23
The Heist (background) 1:47
The Heist (main) 1:22
The Perfect Drive 0:45
Trailer Park Fairy Tale (background) 1:39
Trailer Park Fairy Tale (main) 1:23
Trapped in a Radiator 0:41
Update Upschmate (background) 1:08
Update Upschmate (main) 1:05
Victory Is Ours (background) 1:17
Victory Is Ours (main) 1:17
Violent Defibrillation 0:39
Waves of Progress (background) 1:43
Waves of Progress (main) 1:19
Who's Your Baghdaddy (background) 1:56
Who's Your Baghdaddy (main) 1:18
Windup Beatdown (background) 2:42
Windup Beatdown (main) 1:32
Yuppie Road Rage (background) 1:07
Yuppie Road Rage (main) 1:04

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