members: Clifford Adams
Kevin Bell
George Brown (US percussionist of Kool & The Gang)
Odeen Mays (keyboard) ( – ????)
Robert Spike Mickens
Michael Ray (American jazz trumpeter born in 1962)
Claydes Smith
Woody Sparrow
Earl Toon, Jr.
Ricky West
Curtis “Fitz” Williams (keyboardist/percussionist of Kool & The Gang)
James “J.T.” Taylor (US R&B vocalist for Kool & the Gang) (lead vocals) (1978 – 1988)
minor collaborator on: Band Aid
original members: Ronald Bell
Robert “Kool” Bell (bass) (1964 –)
Dennis “D.T.” Thomas (Kool) (keyboard, saxophone) (1964 –)
vocals support by: Something Sweet (Female vocal group who often did backing vocals for 70s funk groups like Kool & The Gang and The Kay-Gees.)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Jungle Boogie Kool & The Gang 3:05
Celebration '94 (remix)
Celebration Kool & The Gang 4:55
Change to Come J. Flexx feat. Bahamadia, Con Funk Shun, Kool and the Gang & Tenkamenin 4:22
Four Bitches Is What I Got guest Lightnin’ Rod 3:45
Ladies Night guest Atomic Kitten feat. Kool & The Gang 3:07
Ladies Night Atomic Kitten feat. Kool & the Gang 3:07
Sport guest Lightnin’ Rod 2:36
Sport (feat. Kool & The Gang) Lightnin’ Rod 2:40
The Bones Fly From Spoon's Hands guest Lightnin’ Rod 3:00
Jungle Boogie Kool & The Gang 3:05
Open Sesame Kool & The Gang 4:00
samples from artist
The Story of O.J. JAY-Z 3:52
Breathe and Stop
Breeze & Soul
Caribbean Festival
Chocolate Buttermilk
Funky Man
Get Down on It
Give It Up
Kool & the Gang
Kool's Back Again
Let the Music Take Your Mind
Sea of Tranquility
The Gang's Back Again
Who's Gonna Take the Weight, Part 1 & 2