Bing Crosby

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1997White ChristmasFrank Sinatra & Bing Crosby1


1946St. Patrick’s DayBing Crosby1
1949Bing Crosby Sings Cole Porter SongsBing Crosby1
1949Christmas GreetingsBing Crosby1
1949St. Valentine's DayBing Crosby1
1949Sings Songs by George GershwinBing Crosby2
1949Sings Songs by Jerome KernBing Crosby1
1952Bing and ConneeBing Crosby and Connee Boswell1
1956Bing Sings Whilst Bregman SwingsBing Crosby & Buddy Bregman4
1956Blue HawaiiBing Crosby1
1956When Irish Eyes Are SmilingBing Crosby1
1957A Christmas Sing With Bing - Around The WorldBing Crosby With Paul Weston And His Orchestra, Norman Luboff Choir1
1957Bing With a BeatBing Crosby With Bob Scobey's Frisco Jazz Band2
1958Fancy Meeting You HereBing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney2
1958RendezvousBing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney1
1960Bing & SatchmoBing Crosby1
1961101 Gang SongsBing Crosby1
1962Bing Crosby’s Christmas ClassicsBing Crosby6
1962Holiday in EuropeBing Crosby1
1964America I Hear You SingingFrank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Fred Waring & His Pennsylvanians1
196412 Songs of ChristmasBing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians3
1964Return to Paradise IslandsBing Crosby2
1965That Travelin' Two-BeatBing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney1
1968Thoroughly Modern BingBing Crosby1
1971A Time to Be JollyBing Crosby1
1976That's What Life Is All AboutBing Crosby1
1977Beautiful MemoriesBing Crosby1
1986Bing 'n BasieBing Crosby & Count Basie1
1986Bing Crosby Sings AgainBing Crosby1
1989Christmas With BingBing Crosby1
1992Christmas With BingBing Crosby52
1992Mail CallJudy Garland & Bing Crosby2
1993Christmas With Bing CrosbyBing Crosby1
1994WWII Radio Broadcast: March 9, 1944 and June 29, 1944Bing Crosby1
1994WWII Radio Broadcast: October 7, 1945 and December 16, 1943Bing Crosby1
1994WWII Radio Broadcast: July 6, 1944 and November 30, 1944Bing Crosby1
1995Christmas Through the YearsBing Crosby1
1995White ChristmasBing Crosby51
1996Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, and FriendsBing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney1
1996My Favorite Country SongsBing Crosby1
1997Holiday InnBing Crosby2
1997Something to Remember Me ByRosemary Clooney featuring Bing Crosby1
1999The Legendary Bing CrosbyBing Crosby1
2000Don't Fence Me InBing Crosby1
2001I Wish You a Merry ChristmasBing Crosby2
2003The Golden Age of ComedyBob Hope & Bing Crosby1
2004American Music LegendsBing Crosby1
2004Bing CrosbyBing Crosby1
2004Christmas SongsBing Crosby1
2004The Christmas AlbumBing Crosby1
2006Good & RareBing Crosby1
2006Best of Bing CrosbyBing Crosby1
2009Bing & SatchmoBing Crosby & Louis Armstrong3
2010A Southern MemoirBing Crosby1
2012The Absolutely Essential 3 CD CollectionBing Crosby1
2014The Essential Bing CrosbyBing Crosby1
2014Some Fine Old ChestnutsBing Crosby with Buddy Cole & His Trio1
2016A Christmas StoryBing Crosby1
2017New TricksBing Crosby With Buddy Cole And His Trio1
2019Bing at ChristmasBing Crosby with the London Symphony Orchestra4
Blue SkiesBing Crosby1
Bing Crosby Christmas AlbumBing Crosby1
Bing & LouisBing Crosby & Louis Armstrong2
Bing CrosbyBing Crosby1
Christmas with the Andrews Sisters and Bing CrosbyBing Crosby1
Hey! Look Us OverBing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney1
Havin’ More Fun!Bing Crosby & Louis Armstrong1
It's Easy to RememberBing Crosby2
My Golden FavouritesBing Crosby1
PleaseBing Crosby1
The Rhythm BoyBing Crosby1
The Absolutely Essential 3 CD CollectionBing Crosby0
The Absolutely Essential 3 CD CollectionBing Crosby0

Album + Compilation

1945Merry Christmas (later known as “White Christmas”)Bing Crosby324
1950Down Memory Lane Volume 1Bing Crosby1
1953Le Bing - Song Hits of ParisBing Crosby2
1954Bing: A Musical AutobiographyBing Crosby2
1958Bing Crosby SingsBing Crosby1
1958Crosby ClassicsBing Crosby1
1962Swinging on a StarBing Crosby3
1966Bing Crosby's Treasury_The Songs I LoveBing Crosby1
1967Bing Crosby In Hollywood (1930-1934)Bing Crosby1
1967The Bing Crosby Story Volume I: The Early Jazz Years, 1928-1932Bing Crosby1
1968Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra Featuring Bing CrosbyPaul Whiteman And His Orchestra Featuring Bing Crosby1
1970All Time Hit ParadeBing Crosby1
1972Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters Vol. 1Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters1
1972Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters Vol. 2Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters1
1973That Christmas FeelingBing Crosby2
1973The Best of BingBing Crosby1
1974The Best Of BingBing Crosby1
1977Bing and The Andrews SistersBing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters1
1977Seasons (The Closing Chapter)Bing Crosby2
1977Where the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the DayBing Crosby1
1978Bing Sings 96 of His Greatest HitsBing Crosby1
1985Играйте простую мелодиюБинг Кросби1
1986Bing Crosby Sings Christmas SongsBing Crosby2
1986Bing Crosby - 1927-1934Bing Crosby1
1987Tenth Anniversary CollectionBing Crosby1
1987The Best of Bing CrosbyBing Crosby1
1988Bing Crosby's Greatest HitsBing Crosby1

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