Frank Gordon (Trumpeter)

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member of: The Muhal Richard Abrams Orchestra
The Awakening (70's jazz)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Clarion Echoes
El Toro
Glory to the Sun
Take Off
1970 Black and White brass Young-Holt Unlimited ?:??
1970 Going in Circles brass Young-Holt Unlimited ?:??
1970 Mellow Dreamin' brass Young-Holt Unlimited ?:??
1970 Midnight Cowboy brass Young-Holt Unlimited ?:??
1970 Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head brass Young-Holt Unlimited ?:??
1970 The Creeper brass Young-Holt Unlimited ?:??
1970 The Devil Made Me Do Dat brass Young-Holt Unlimited ?:??
1970 There'll Be a Greater Day brass Young-Holt Unlimited ?:??
1970 Trippin' brass Young-Holt Unlimited ?:??
1970 Witchita Lineman brass Young-Holt Unlimited ?:??
1973-01-08 Drunk Man trumpet Eddie Harris 3:19
1973-01-08 Fragmentary Apparitions trumpet Eddie Harris 10:47
1973-01-08 Inapplicable Concord trumpet Eddie Harris 4:10
1976-09-09 a' That's Freedom trumpet Thad Jones & Mel Lewis 8:54
1976-09-09 Central Park North trumpet Thad Jones & Mel Lewis 16:00
1976-09-09 Come Sunday trumpet Thad Jones & Mel Lewis 5:07
1976-09-09 Mach II trumpet Thad Jones & Mel Lewis 8:15
1976-09-09 Mornin' Reverend trumpet Thad Jones & Mel Lewis 5:31
Awakening - Epilogue flugelhorn The Awakening 0:52
Awakening - Epilogue trumpet The Awakening 0:52
Awakening - Prologue - Spring Thing flugelhorn The Awakening 9:37
Awakening - Prologue - Spring Thing trumpet The Awakening 9:37
Brand New Feeling trumpet The Awakening 5:23
Brand New Feeling flugelhorn The Awakening 5:23
Convulsions flugelhorn The Awakening 5:38
Convulsions trumpet The Awakening 5:38
For Brass trumpet Rhys Chatham 16:33
Glory to the Sun trumpet The Awakening 6:19
Jupiter trumpet The Awakening 6:29
Jupiter flugelhorn The Awakening 6:29
Just a Little Peace trumpet The Awakening 5:59
Kera's Dance trumpet The Awakening 10:05
Kera's Dance flugelhorn The Awakening 10:05
March On trumpet The Awakening 5:32
Mirage trumpet The Awakening 8:15
Mode for D.D. trumpet The Awakening 4:56
Slinky trumpet The Awakening 6:13
The Ultimate Frontier trumpet The Awakening 10:01
When Will It Ever End flugelhorn The Awakening 7:16
When Will It Ever End trumpet The Awakening 7:16
The New Chicago Blues trumpet Clarence Wheeler