The Offspring

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
(Can’t Get My) Head Around You ?:??
[unknown] (Americana behind-the-scenes short video) 1:50
All I Want 1:59
Americana (1999 home video) ?:??
Americana (Trailer) 4:37
Credits (Americana Cd Extra credits) 0:26
Da Hui (with audio commentary) 3:16
Da Hui 3:14
Days Go By ?:??
Demo Studio Tour 3:22
Gone Away 4:28
Hamerhead (tour performance) ?:??
Home Video Footage ?:??
I Choose 4:00
Pretty Fly (for a White Guy) (karaoke) 3:04
Recording in Maui ?:??
Staring at the Sun (karaoke) 2:13
The Meaning of Life 2:57
Why Don’t You Get a Job? (karaoke) 2:46

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