China Moses (American singer & TV host)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
… And She’s Still Watching Me Gabin feat. China Moses IT0570400107 6:32
À l'interieur de moi China FRS639600075 4:04
Ailleurs China FRS630300035 3:19
All of Me China FRS639600068 3:59
Au bout du rêve China Moses 2:24
Au bout du rêve China Moses 2:25
Bad for Me China FRS639600066 7:35
Baiser volé China FRS639600069 4:36
Battles of the Heart China FRS639600072 4:59
Blame Jerry China Moses feat. Anthony Marshall & Theo Croker FR7Q61700110 3:02
Blue Gardenia China Moses FR7Q60800006 5:25
Breaking Point China Moses FR7Q61700111 5:01
C'est fini China FRS639600065 3:50
Carmen China FRS639900043 4:00
Ce que je ressens China FRS639600074 4:40
Ce serait si simple China FRS630300029 3:46
Cherry Wine (feat. Sly Johnson) China Moses & Raphaël Lemonnier 3:54
Choisir China FRS639600070 3:33
Choisis-moi China FRS630300026 4:21
Choisis-moi (remix) China FRS630300044 3:53
Closing Time (feat. Hugh Coltman) China Moses & Raphaël Lemonnier 4:15
Combien de fois China FRS630300033 3:17
Crazy Blues China Moses & Raphaël Lemonnier 5:57
Cry Me a River China Moses FR7Q60800008 5:41
Cry Me a River China Moses 4 ?:??
Danger China FRS630300039 5:07
Dinah's Blues China Moses FR7Q60800002 3:21
Dinah's Blues China Moses 3:23
Disconnected China Moses FR7Q61700103 5:28
Être là-bas China FRS639900038 3:50
Être là-bas (Nine Yards Remix) China FRS639900105 3:39
Evasion Diam’s feat. China Moses 4:00
Évasion Diam’s avec China FRY680300059 5:03
Evil Gal Blues China Moses FR7Q60800011 4:44
Fat Daddy China Moses FR7Q60800009 3:52
Fine Fine Daddy China Moses FR7Q60800001 4:29
For Your Love Dee Dee Bridgewater & China FRT529500080 4:54
Fuis le laus David Bordey feat. China 3:00
Gabriel China FRS639900045 7:40
Gardenias for Dinah China Moses FR7Q60800013 1:03
Good Lovin' China FRS630300038 3:33
Goodbye China Moses FR7Q60800010 3:34
He's Gone Cam feat. China FRR660100027 7:57
He's Gone (Kid Loco remix) DJ Cam feat. China 5:21
He's Gone (Kid Loco remix) DJ Cam feat. China 5:21
He's Gone (Kid Loco remix) DJ Cam feat. China 5:19
He's Gone (Kid Loco Remix) DJ Cam feat. China 5:21
Hip Hop Civilization Daara J feat. China 3:56
Hot Stuff China Moses & Raphaël Lemonnier 3:57
How Could You China FRS630300034 4:08
Hungover China Moses FR7Q61700109 5:16
I Just Want to Make Love to You China Moses & Raphaël Lemonnier 5:02
I'm on My Way China FRS639600073 5:20
I've Got You Under My Skin China Moses & André Manoukian FRW711000008 3:31
Interlude China FRZ119902125 0:44
Interlude radio China FRS630300112 0:12
Interludes Live China 0:40
Is You or Is You Ain't My Baby China Moses FR7Q60800005 4:51
J'ai besoin d'amour (feat. Dee Dee Bridgewater) China FRS639900091 5:41
Just Be Yourself Gabin feat. China Moses IT0570400106 4:13
Just Say I Love Him China Moses & Raphaël Lemonnier 6:40
Juste un mot China FRS630300028 3:54
La la China FRS630300037 3:41
La Nouvelle‐Orléans (Fin) China Moses 1:35
La Nouvelle‐Orléans (Prologue) China Moses 0:27
Le Mec parfait China FRS630300031 4:10
Let's Get Busy China FRS639600071 5:25
Lettre à France Weepers Circus feat. China Moses 4:14
Life Goes On China FRS639900037 5:49
Lobby Call China Moses feat. Takuya Kuroda FR7Q61700108 4:34
Love in Cold Blood China 3:17
Lover Come Back to Me China Moses FR7Q60800004 4:31
Lover Man China FRZ189701064 4:47
Lullaby of Birdland China Moses, Benjamin Siksou & André Manoukian FRW711000011 2:43
Mad About the Boy China Moses FR7Q60800003 2:59
Ménage à 4 (live, 1998-05: Olympia, Paris) Neg'Marrons feat. China 3:35
Ménage à 4 (live, 1998-05: Olympia, Paris) Neg'Marrons feat. China FRQ999800030 3:18
Ménage à 4 (remix) Neg'Marrons feat. China FRZ089703010 4:03
Minnie the Moocher Iggy Pop & China Moses 3:44
Move Over China Moses & Raphaël Lemonnier 8:50
My Hero Cerrone vs. China 5:04
Ne crois pas China FRS639900090 3:13
Never Enough Love China FRS639600067 1:50
Never Enough Love (live) China FRS630300040 3:03
Never Really Mattered China FRS639900042 4:51
Nicotene China Moses FR7Q61700107 3:35
On a tous pêché Jalane feat. China et K‐Reen FR28U0000049 4:06
On tourne en rond China FRS639900035 3:53
Près de toi China FRS639900033 4:09
Présomptions China FRS630300036 3:47
Put It on the Line China Moses FR7Q61700102 4:12
Qui pourrait me dire ? Diam’s, Princess Aniès, Isis & China FRW880000330 5:47
Resolution Blues China Moses & Raphaël Lemonnier 5:27
Running China Moses FR7Q61700101 3:37
Salsa China 5:00
Si c'était à refaire China FRS630300032 3:47
So in Love China Moses & André Manoukian FRW711000001 4:54
Soleil China FRS639600063 3:10
Soleil China 5:40
Somebody China FRS639900034 5:50

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