half-siblings: Lucy Wainwright Roche
Lexie Kelly Wainwright
married: Brad Albetta (2007-09 –)
original member of: The Wainwright Sisters
parents: Kate McGarrigle
Loudon Wainwright III
siblings: Rufus Wainwright
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Tower of Song Martha Wainwright 3:46
Ball & Chain
Bleeding All Over You
Comin' Tonight
Hearts Club Band
I Wish I Were
In the Middle of the Night
Jesus and Mary
Niger River
So Many Friends
The George Song
Tower Song
You Cheated Me
Four Black Sheep keyboard Martha Wainwright 4:25
Hometown Waltz violin Rufus Wainwright 2:33
I Am Sorry electric guitar Martha Wainwright 2:52
Radio Star electric guitar Martha Wainwright 3:56
The George Song electric guitar Martha Wainwright 3:36
Year of the Dragon guitar Kate & Anna McGarrigle 5:20
You Cheated Me handclaps Martha Wainwright 3:15
I Know You're Married but I've Got Feelings Too acoustic guitar Martha Wainwright
I Know You're Married but I've Got Feelings Too acoustic guitar Martha Wainwright
liner notes
Sing Me the Songs: Celebrating the Works of Kate McGarrigle Various Artists
Ball & Chain
Star Crossed Lovers Propellerheads feat. Martha Wainwright 4:07
2009-06 Adieu mon cœur Martha Wainwright 3:41
2009-06 C'est à Hambourg Martha Wainwright 4:03
2009-06 C'est toujours la même histoire Martha Wainwright 4:47
2009-06 Hudsonia Martha Wainwright 2:37
2009-06 L'Accordéoniste Martha Wainwright 4:10
2009-06 La Foule Martha Wainwright 3:54
2009-06 Le Brun et le Blond Martha Wainwright 3:54
2009-06 Le Chant d'amour Martha Wainwright 4:05
2009-06 Le Métro de Paris Martha Wainwright 1:48
2009-06 Les Blouses blanches Martha Wainwright 3:50
2009-06 Les Grognards Martha Wainwright 3:53
2009-06 Marie Trottoir Martha Wainwright 3:19
2009-06 Non, la vie n'est pas triste Martha Wainwright 2:55
2009-06 Soudain une vallée Martha Wainwright 4:23
2009-06 Une enfant Martha Wainwright 3:37
14th Street additional Rufus Wainwright 4:44
All Your Clothes Martha Wainwright 4:21
Allez-vous-en Kate & Anna McGarrigle 3:43
April Fools background vocals Rufus Wainwright 5:01
Baltimore Fire Kate & Anna McGarrigle 3:16
Bell, Book and Candle Boo Hewerdine 3:23
Can You Believe It Martha Wainwright 3:24
Candles background vocals Rufus Wainwright 7:42
Cool River Kate & Anna McGarrigle 3:32
Everything Wrong Martha Wainwright 4:21
Four Black Sheep Martha Wainwright 4:25
Gay Messiah additional Rufus Wainwright 3:15
Goodnight Sweetheart Kate & Anna McGarrigle 2:10
Hard Times Come Again No More Kate & Anna McGarrigle and Families 2:28
Hearts Club Band background vocals Martha Wainwright 4:21
Hometown Waltz background vocals Rufus Wainwright 2:33
I Am Sorry Martha Wainwright 2:52
I Knew Your Mother background vocals Loudon Wainwright III 2:57
I Wanna Make an Arrest Martha Wainwright 3:46
In My Arms background vocals Rufus Wainwright 4:09
It’s Money Gordon Gano / Martha Wainwright 1:21
Johnny's Gone to Hilo Kate & Anna McGarrigle 3:10
Lazy Heart Boo Hewerdine 4:01
Leave Behind Martha Wainwright 3:50
Matapedia background vocals Kate & Anna McGarrigle 4:53
Murder in the Dark Boo Hewerdine 5:08
Old Whore's Diet additional Rufus Wainwright feat. Antony 9:09
Over the Hill Loudon Wainwright III 2:36
Peach Trees background vocals Rufus Wainwright 5:59
Perfect Man background vocals Rufus Wainwright 3:58
Proserpina Martha Wainwright 4:05
Radio Star Martha Wainwright 3:56
Sally Ann background vocals Rufus Wainwright 5:02
Schooldays Kate & Anna McGarrigle 2:52
Set Fire to the Third Bar guest Snow Patrol ?:??
Set the Fire to the Third Bar Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright 3:23
Sing choir vocals and guest Annie Lennox 4:49
So Many Friends background vocals Martha Wainwright 3:25
Some People Martha Wainwright 3:09
Swansong Boo Hewerdine 4:07
Sweet Thames, Flow Softly Rufus & Martha Wainwright 5:09
Talk to Me of Mendocino (mcgarrigle hour) Kate & Anna McGarrigle 2:59
The Here & the Now background vocals Loudon Wainwright III 3:43
The One You Love background vocals Rufus Wainwright 3:44
The Rose of Tacloban guest and lead vocals David Byrne & Fatboy Slim 2:33
The Way I Love You background vocals Linda Thompson 3:57
Want additional Rufus Wainwright 5:11
Water Song Boo Hewerdine 3:04
What'll I Do Kate & Anna McGarrigle 3:37
Year of the Dragon Kate & Anna McGarrigle 5:20
You Cheated Me background vocals Martha Wainwright 3:15
I Know You're Married but I've Got Feelings Too lead vocals Martha Wainwright
I Know You're Married but I've Got Feelings Too lead vocals Martha Wainwright
All Your Clothes
Can You Believe It
Everything Wrong
Four Black Sheep
I Am Sorry
I Wanna Make an Arrest
Leave Behind
Radio Star
Some People
Year of the Dragon