Dr. Future

~ Person



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
80's Pushback Galore RMX Dr. Future 4:00
A Place I Know Dr. Future 3:27
Apidya - The Pond (Save The Last Dance) Dr. Future 3:50
Armageddon Man (Brave New World) Dr Future 3:31
Aztec Challenge (A Runners Game) Dr Future 4:02
Battle Ships (West End vs. OMG) Dr Future 5:20
Battle Squadron (Peace for My 64) Dr. Future 3:20
Battle Valley (Dream Team) Dr Future 5:12
Bridge to the Universe (Jan Hammer edit) Dr. Future 4:45
Bridge to the Universe (Sonny Crocket edit) Dr. Future 4:15
Captured (Its a Machines World) Dr Future 4:00
Carl Lewis Challenge (Reach Out for the Gold) Dr. Future 3:34
Compilation III (Nothing More Than Feelings) Dr Future 3:42
Cybernoid (Gargoyle's Theme) Dr Future 6:34
Cybernoid 2 (Ibiza Sunset mix) Dr Future 3:29
Dark Side (Relax on Tricuspid) Dr Future 4:34
Fist II - The Legend Continues Dr Future 3:27
Flight Path 737 (Lost) Dr Future 2:01
Gem'X (instrumental edit Eat This) Dr Future 3:58
Gem'X (Mantronix edit) Dr Future 3:58
Glider Rider (SAW 5) Dr Future 4:37
Grand Prix Circuit Dr. Future 3:21
Great Giana Sisters Dr. Future 5:24
Green Beret Dr Future 4:35
Hollywood Poker Pro Dr. Future 5:46
Hollywood Poker Pro (All in 2007) Dr Future 3:54
Ice Age (.com Unity) Dr Future 5:47
International Karate, Part I Dr Future 5:13
International Karate, Part II Dr. Future 3:43
Jeroen (Dreamed by Carlos) Dr Future 4:44
Monty on the Run (Oliver Maass TV RMX) Dr Future 4:58
Noisy Pillars (SAW 3) Dr Future 3:42
Papillons (Rickim edit) Dr Future 3:26
Sarcophaser (SAW #1) Dr. Future 3:16
Ski Dance (Vive la Charmonix) Dr Future 4:00
Sleepwalk (Unbreak My Heart) Dr. Future 3:50
Starball (SAW 2) Dr Future 3:44
Synth Sample (No Synths Allowed) Dr Future 4:33
Thanatos (The Piano Dragon) Dr Future 2:48
The Desert Dr. Future 4:14
The Great Giana Sisters (True Blue) Dr Future 4:22
To Be on Top (English Electric) Dr Future 3:17
To Be on Top (Relax'd) Dr Future 4:51
Trojan Warrior Dr. Future 5:32
Turrican (Title 3) - Shoot or Die! Dr. Future 4:25
Wings of Death Level 2 (More Gravity) Dr. Future 4:06
Wizardry (Marco Polo edit) Dr Future 3:56

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