Mike Seeger

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Spoonful Mike Seeger 3:33
St. Louis Blues Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880302 3:34
Star in the East Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:29
Stars in the Heaven Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:11
Steel Guitar Rag Mike Seeger 3:08
Stewball Mike & Peggy Seeger 3:33
Such a Getting Upstairs Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:06
Sugar Baby Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880306 3:08
Sunny Side of Life Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880321 2:22
Sweet Sunny South Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880325 3:39
Sweet Water Rolling Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:32
Ten Broeck and Mollie Mike Seeger 6:14
Tennessee Dog Mike Seeger 2:05
Tennessee waltz Maybelle Carter / Mike Seeger 1:21
That’s What the Old Bachelor’s Are Made Of Mike Seeger USSF19810715 2:38
The Big Sheep Mike & Peggy Seeger 3:47
The Cherry Tree Carol Mike and Peggy Seeger 3:00
The Closet Key Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:43
The Death of Queen Jane Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880323 1:44
The Deer Song Mike & Peggy Seeger 3:19
The Dodger Song Mike Seeger & Peggy Seeger 3:02
The Farmer Is the Man Mike Seeger & Peggy Seeger 2:10
The Golden Willow Tree Mike Seeger 7:02
The Gray Goose Mike & Peggy Seeger 3:27
The Juniper Tree Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:47
The Kicking Mule Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:43
The Last of Callahan Mike Seeger USSF19810716 1:49
The Leatherwing Bat Mike & Peggy Seeger 4:11
The Little Black Bull Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:25
The Little Black Train Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:14
The Little Pig Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:45
The Man of Constant Sorrow (live, 1960-06-24/26: Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI, USA) Mike Seeger 3:05
The Memory of Your Smile Mike Seeger with Maria Muldaur & David Grisman USRO29431303 2:59
The New Born Baby Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:41
The New Market Wreck Mike Seeger 3:43
The Old Cow Died Mike & Peggy Seeger 1:57
The Old Hen Cackled and the Rooster Laid the Egg Mike & Peggy Seeger 1:36
The Old Home Place David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger 3:03
The Old Sow Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:06
The Raftsman's Song Mike Seeger 1:43
The Sailor and the Soldier Mike Seeger USSF19810711 2:01
The Sea Fowl Mike & Peggy Seeger 0:56
The Swapping Song Mike & Peggy Seeger 3:08
The Train Is a-Coming Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:44
The Wind Blow East Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:55
The Wreck of the Tennessee Gravy Train Mike Seeger 2:44
There Was a Man and He Was Mad Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:46
There Was an Old Frog Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:24
This Lady She Wears a Dark Green Shawl Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:12
This Old Hammer Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:58
This Old Man Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:27
Toodala Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:35
Tragic Romance Kilby Snow, Hazel Dickens & Mike Seeger 1:29
Tucker's Barn Mike Seeger 2:30
Turkey in the Straw Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:29
Turkey Song Mike & Peggy Seeger 0:32
Turtle Dove Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:53
Uncle Pen David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger 3:02
Unknown Fiddle Tune Maybelle Carter / Mike Seeger 1:54
Victory Rag Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880317 1:58
Wabash Blues Mike Seeger USSF19810720 2:04
Wabash Blues Mike Seeger 2:03
Wagnerd Mike Seeger 2:36
Walk Along, John Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:35
We're Stole and Sold From Africa Mike Seeger 2:35
We’re Up Against It Now Mike Seeger USSF19810714 2:31
Weary Lonesome Blues Mike Seeger 2:33
Wedding Waltz Mike Seeger 3:13
What Did You Have for Your Supper Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:38
What Shall We Do When We All Go Out Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:13
What'll We Do With the Baby Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:43
When I Was a Young Maid Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:44
When I'm Sixty-Four David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger 7:51
When Sorrows Encompass Me Round Mike Seeger 1:40
When the Train Comes Along Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:28
When This World Comes to an End Mike Seeger 2:26
Where Have You Been, My Good Old Man? Mike Seeger & Peggy Seeger 1:54
Where Oh Where Is Pretty Little Susie Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:25
White Oak Mountain Mike Seeger 3:16
Who Built the Ark: Noah, Noah Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:07
Who Built The Ark? Noah, Noah Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:08
Who Killed Poor Robin? Mike & Peggy Seeger 3:12
Who’s That Tapping at the Window Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:46
Whoa Mule! Can't Get the Saddle On Mike & Peggy Seeger 1:16
Whoopin’ Up Cattle Mike Seeger USSF19810708 3:02
Wildwood Flower Kilby Snow & Mike Seeger 1:27
Wildwood Flower Mike Seeger 0:54
Wind & Rain Mike Seeger 3:59
Windy Mountain David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger 3:08
Wolves A-Howling Mike & Peggy Seeger 1:17
Worried Blues Mike Seeger 3:48
Yonder She Comes Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:29
You Done Me Wrong Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880322 1:59
Young Johnnie Mike Seeger 3:04

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