Mike Seeger

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Memphis David Grisman, John Hartford & Mike Seeger 2:45
Mister Rabbit Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:09
Mole in the Ground Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:28
Monday Morning Go to School Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:08
Muskrat Mike & Peggy Seeger 3:08
My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains Mike Seeger & Peggy Seeger 3:24
My Horses Ain’t Hungry Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:33
My Native Home Maybelle Carter / Mike Seeger 3:34
My Old Hen's a Good Old Hen Mike & Peggy Seeger 1:46
My Walking Shoes David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger 2:50
Needlecase Mike Seeger USSF19810723 1:31
Needmore Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880311 2:12
Never On Sunday Maybelle Carter / Mike Seeger 2:50
New Freedom March Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880314 2:35
New River Train Anthony, Seeger & Yellin 2:59
O Death (1971) Mike Seeger 3:25
Of All the Beast-es Mike & Peggy Seeger 0:55
Oh Blue Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880304 2:23
Oh, Blue Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:07
Oh, John the Rabbit Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:51
Oh, Mary and the Baby Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:02
Oh, Oh, the Sunshine Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:24
Oh, Watch the Stars Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:17
Old Aunt Kate Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:27
Old Bangum Mike & Peggy Seeger 3:48
Old Bangum Mike Seeger & Peggy Seeger 2:54
Old Bell Cow Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:11
Old Bell'd Yoe Mike & Peggy Seeger 1:26
Old Bunch of Keys Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880305 2:42
Old Chisholm Trail Mike Seeger 1:54
Old Fox Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:16
Old Ground Hog Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:40
Old Joe Clark Yellin, Seeger & Weissberg 2:09
Old Joe Clarke Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:42
Old Lady Goose Mike & Peggy Seeger 1:17
Old Man Mike Seeger 2:46
Old Mister Rabbit Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:10
Old Molly Hare Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:06
Once I Had an Old Gray Mare Mike & Peggy Seeger 3:39
One Cold and Frosty Morning Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:47
Pearly Dew Mike Seeger 2:20
Peep Squirrel Mike & Peggy Seeger 1:57
Pick a Bale of Cotton Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:58
Poor Black Sheep Mike Seeger 4:20
Poor Indian Mike Seeger 2:08
Poor Little Turtle Dove Mike Seeger & Peggy Seeger 2:12
Poor Old Crow Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:51
Pork Fat Makes My Chicken Tan Mike Seeger 5:55
Prairie Ronde Waltz Mike Seeger 3:14
Pretty Little Girl With the Red Dress On Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:47
Pretty Polly Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880312 4:00
Private John Q Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880319 1:45
Quiero decir gracias Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880309 3:34
Quill Ditty Mike Seeger 1:52
Raccoon and Possum Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:41
Rain or Shine Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:21
Rain, Come Wet Me Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:17
Red River Jig Mike Seeger & Peggy Seeger 1:20
Riding in the Buggy, Miss Mary Jane Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:51
Riding Round the Cattle Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:22
Riley And Spencer Mike Seeger 4:27
Rise Up, Shepherd and Follow Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:17
Risselty Rosselty Mike Seeger 1:48
Rockbridge Holler Mike Seeger 0:35
Rocky Road Blues David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger 3:42
Rocky Top David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger 3:31
Roll on John Mike Seeger USSF19810722 3:12
Roll That Brown Jug Down to Town Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:05
Rolling & Tumbling Blues Mike Seeger 3:14
Room at the Top of the Stairs David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger 2:14
Rose, Rose, and Up She Rises Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:24
Roustabout Mike Seeger 4:01
Run, Chillen, Run Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:36
Sail Away Ladies Mike Seeger 3:16
Sailing in the Boat Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:57
Sallie Gooden Mike Seeger 2:30
Sally Ann (instrumental Duet) Mike Seeger & Sonny Miller 1:43
Sally Go Round the Sunshine Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:12
San Antonio Rose Maybelle Carter / Mike Seeger 1:52
Saw a Sow Mike & Peggy Seeger 1:49
Scraping Up Sand in the Bottom of the Sea Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:40
Shake That Little Foot, Dinah-O Mike & Peggy Seeger 1:59
Shakin' the Pines in the Holler Mike Seeger 2:04
Shaking the Pines in the Holler Mike Seeger 3:59
She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:29
Shepherd, Shepherd Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:03
Shepherds, Rejoice Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:31
Shine Like a Star in the Morning Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:23
Shouting in Jerusalem Mike Seeger 3:20
Sing a Lamb Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:36
Sing Hallelu Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:26
Singin' in the Land Mike Seeger 2:53
Skip-a to My Lou Mike and Peggy Seeger 3:00
Smoketown Strut Mike Seeger 2:58
Snake Baked a Hoecake Mike & Peggy Seeger 0:57
Somebody Loves You Darling The Seldom Scene, Bill Clifton & Mike Seeger ?:??
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880324 1:58
Song of the Doodlebug Mike & Peggy Seeger 1:47
Soon in the Morning Babe Mike Seeger USSF19810701 1:24
Spanish Fandango Mike Seeger 2:20

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