Mike Seeger

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(Come All Ye) Fair And Tender Ladies Maybelle Carter / Mike Seeger 3:59
(Sittin' on) the Dock of the Bay David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger 2:38
A Squirrel Is a Pretty Thing Mike & Peggy Seeger 1:39
A Virgin Most Pure Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:57
Adam Had Seven Sons Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:26
After All Has Been Said and Done Mike Seeger 2:47
Ain’t That A’Rocking All Night Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:21
Airmail Special David Grisman, John Hartford & Mike Seeger 2:12
Airmail Special on the Fly David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger 2:14
All Around the Kitchen Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:13
All Around the Kitchen Mike and Peggy Seeger USRO28754331 1:13
American Spanish Fandango Mike Seeger USSF19810712 2:13
And We Hunted and We Hunted Mike & Peggy Seeger 3:05
Animal Song Mike & Peggy Seeger 1:21
Arizona Mike Seeger 2:25
Around the World Mike Seeger USSF19810707 2:24
As I Walked Out One Holiday Mike and Peggy Seeger 3:06
Babe of Bethlehem Mike and Peggy Seeger 3:00
Baby Born Today Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:07
Baby Dear Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:11
Battle in the Horseshoe Mike Seeger USSF19810725 1:55
Big Bee Suck the Pumpkin Stem Mike Seeger & Peggy Seeger 2:02
Big Kid's Barroom Mike Seeger 2:50
Billy Barlow Mike and Peggy Seeger 3:00
Billy in Waynesboro Mike Seeger 3:24
Birmingham Tickle Mike Seeger 2:39
Black Eyed Susie Tracy Schwarz & Mike Seeger 1:57
Black Jack Davey Mike Seeger 5:07
Black Jack David Mike Seeger 2:59
Black Sheep, Black Sheep Mike & Peggy Seeger 0:56
Black Waters Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880318 4:43
Blood-Stained Banders Mike Seeger & Peggy Seeger 2:19
Blow the Horn, Blow Mike Seeger 2:11
Blow, Boys, Blow Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:54
Blue Ridge Cabin Home David Grisman, John Hartford and Mike Seeger 3:16
Blue Ridge Cabin Home David Grisman, John Hartford & Mike Seeger 3:15
Blue Tail Fly Mike Seeger 1:02
Boatman Mike Seeger 2:36
Bonaparte's Retreat Mike Seeger 1:30
Bonaparte's Retreat Mike Seeger 1:31
Bought Me a Cat Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:48
Bowling Green Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880301 2:14
Breaking Up Ice in the Allegheny Mike Seeger 1:46
Bright Morning Stars Are Rising Mike and Peggy Seeger 3:05
Bright Sunny South Mike Seeger USSF19810721 2:57
Buck Dancer's Choice Mike Seeger 3:24
Buckdancer's Choice Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880320 1:58
Built My Lady a Fine Brick House Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:32
Bully Of The Town Maybelle Carter / Mike Seeger 1:54
By'm Bye Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:03
Calico Mike Seeger 2:34
California Cotillion Mike Seeger 2:37
Can't Get a Letter From Home Mike Seeger 2:48
Candy Girl Mike Seeger 2:32
Candy Girl Mike Seeger 2:30
Cannonball Blues The Seldom Scene, Bill Clifton & Mike Seeger ?:??
Carroll County Blues Mike Seeger 2:34
Child of God Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:59
Cindy Mike Seeger & Peggy Seeger 3:44
Coal Miner's Blues Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880316 3:15
Come My Little Pink Mike Seeger USSF19810724 2:45
Coo Coo Bird Mike Seeger 2:38
Cotton Eyed Joe Mike Seeger 3:29
Cotton Mill Colic Mike Seeger USSF10616606 2:40
Cradle Hymn Mike and Peggy Seeger 3:21
Cripple Creek Mike Seeger 2:21
Cripple Creek Mike Seeger 2:24
Cripple Creek Mike Seeger 2:22
Cripple Creek Mike Seeger 2:22
Cripple Creek Mike Seeger with Etta Baker USRO29431312 1:55
Crocodile Song Mike & Peggy Seeger 2:54
Cross-Eyed Gopher Mike & Peggy Seeger 0:45
Daddy Shot a Bear Mike & Peggy Seeger 0:26
Darlin’ Cora Mike Seeger 3:51
Darling Cora Mike Seeger USSF19810704 3:51
Dear Companion Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880307 2:43
Devil’s Dream Mike Seeger USSF19810705 1:53
Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe? Mike Seeger 2:14
Did You Go to the Barney Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:21
Do, Do Pity My Case Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:19
Dog & Gun Mike Seeger 4:02
Dog Tick Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:33
Doggin' in the U.S. Mail Alice Gerrard & Mike Seeger USFJN0880308 2:09
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down Mike Seeger 4:06
Don’t Let Your Deal Go Down Mike Seeger 3:20
Don’t You Hear the Lambs A’Crying Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:40
Down by the Greenwood Sidey-O Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:39
Down Came a Lady Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:19
Down South Blues Mike Seeger USSF19810718 2:49
Dreadful Wind and Rain (live, 1980-03-20) Mike Seeger 4:58
Ducks in the Millpond Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:37
Early in the Spring Mike Seeger 3:15
East Tennessee Blues / Goin' Crazy Mike Seeger 4:43
Eency Weency Spider Mike and Peggy Seeger 0:22
Every Monday Morning Mike and Peggy Seeger 2:03
Fare You Well, Green Fields Mike Seeger 1:40
Fiddler's Bagpipe Mike Seeger & Sonny Miller 1:23
Fire Down Below Mike and Peggy Seeger 1:08
Fisherman's Luck Mike Seeger & Sonny Miller 2:39
Fishing Blues Mike Seeger 3:27

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