members: Chuck Biscuits
John Ingram (punk rock drummer) (drums (drum set)) ( – ????)
Greg Hetson (1979 –)
Lucky Lehrer (1979 – 1984)
Roger Rogerson (1979 – 1984)
Zander Schloss (1984 –)
Kevin Fitzgerald (2000 –)
original members: Keith Morris (American singer/songwriter) (1979 –)
signed by: Mercury Records (Universal Music Group) (1994 – 1995)
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Date Title Artist Length
I Just Want Some Skank
Back Against the Wall Circle Jerks 1:35
Behind the Door Circle Jerks 1:26
Beverly Hills Circle Jerks 1:05
Deny Everything Circle Jerks 0:25
Don’t Care Circle Jerks 0:36
Group Sex Circle Jerks 1:04
I Just Want Some Skank Circle Jerks 1:10
Live Fast Die Young Circle Jerks 1:33
Operation Circle Jerks 1:30
Paid Vacation Circle Jerks 1:29
Red Tape Circle Jerks 0:56
Wasted Circle Jerks 0:43
What’s Your Problem Circle Jerks 0:57
When the Shit Hits the Fan Circle Jerks 3:13
World Up My Ass Circle Jerks 1:17
Behind the Door
Group Sex
Murder the Disturbed
Paid Vacation
Political Stu