Name ISRCs Rating Length
Blowing Up the Head of a Homossexual With a Bigorna and Picking Up His Neurionios to Make a Satanic Ritual ?:??
Cause of the Death: Clogging of the Aerial Ways With a Fecal Cake of 5000kg Full of Pins and Rotten Corn ?:??
Cutting Off the Head of the Bitch With a Rusty Bistoury ?:??
Devouring the Bowels of a Virtual Love With Vaginal Fluid ?:??
Eating the Fecal Dejections of a Corpse in Decomposition ?:??
Ejaculating Shit in the Christ Face and Defecating on His Mother's Bitch ?:??
Grinding the Cephalic Mass in a Rusty Meatgrinder With Rat Piss ?:??
Minefield for Windows of Shit With Garapa and Blood of the Guy Who Strucked His Hand in the Machine (Intermediary 64 Seconds) ?:??
Mutilating the Rectal Artery of the Homosexual Postman With a Scythe (The Return) ?:??
My Dad Ate My Balls When I Was 4 Years Old ?:??
Rapping You Blind Mom in a Esgoto Full of Sour Shit ?:??
Sex With Bestial Leprous Nuns ?:??
Shit Sweet Shit ?:??
Sucking the Menstruation of the Dead Bitch and With Worms Devouring Your Anus ?:??
Swallowing Shit and Tends an Intestinal Infection and Regurgitating the Guts ?:??
T.R.O.Z.O.B.A. Devotion (intro) ?:??
The Brutal and Impetuous Devouring of Defenseless and Virgin Children ?:??

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