Simon Collins (British–Canadian drummer/vocalist)

~ Person


original member of: Sound of Contact
parents: Phil Collins (of Genesis)
founded: Lightyears
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
art direction
Dimensionaut Sound of Contact
artists and repertoire
X Def Leppard
The Big Bang
The Big Bang membranophone Simon Collins ?:??
Dimensionaut membranophone and percussion Sound of Contact
Keep It Dark Simon Collins 5:45
Dimensionaut Sound of Contact
Keep It Dark lead vocals Simon Collins 5:45
Supper’s Ready Steve Hackett 23:35
Dimensionaut Sound of Contact
Beyond Illumination
Closer to You
Cosmic Distance Ladder
I Am (Dimensionaut)
Not Coming Down
Omega Point
Only Breathing Out
Pale Blue Dot
Part I: In the Difference Engine
Part II: Perihelion Continuum
Part III: Salvation Found
Part IV: All Worlds All Times
Realm of In-Organic Beings
Remote View
Sound of Contact