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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Moment for Reflection Cymande UKC641500003 4:52
A Simple Act of Faith Cymande UKC641500002 4:13
All or Nothing Cymande UKC641500004 5:37
Anthracite Cymande GB8A91200023 5:33
Anthracite (part of “Henrik Schwarz: DJ-Kicks” DJ-mix) Cymande 3:17
Anthracite [7' Mix] Cymande 3:50
Being With You Cymande 5:05
Bird Cymande GB8A91200024 4:26
Bra Cymande GB8A91200025 5 5:06
Bra Cymande 9:08
Bra Cymande 5:11
Bra (part of “A David Holmes Heist” DJ-mix) Cymande 5:06
Bra (part of “Grandmaster Flash: Essential Mix” DJ-mix) Cymande 1:50
Bra (part of “House Masters” DJ-mix) Cymande 6:16
Bra (part of “Jazzy Jeff: In the House” DJ-mix) Cymande 2:52
Bra (7" mix) Cymande 3:29
Bra (Ritual session / Danny Krivit edit) Cymande 9:07
Bra (Ritual session/Danny Krivit edit) (part of “Louie Vega: Choice” DJ-mix) Cymande 4:12
Breezeman Cymande GB8A91200026 3:04
Brother on the Slide Cymande 2:27
Brothers on the Slide Cymande GB8A91200027 4:09
Brothers on the Slide Cymande 3:59
Brothers on the Slide (club mix) Cymande 4:09
Brothers on the Slide (Ruffy & Tuffy edit) Cymande 7:03
Changes Cymande GB8A91200028 6:11
Changes Cymande 5:47
Crawshay Cymande GB8A91200029 4:20
Crazy Game Cymande UKC641500005 4:32
Dizzy Plays the Sax (part of “DJ Yoda: How To Cut & Paste, Vol 1” DJ-Mix) DJ Yoda feat. Dizzy Gillespie, Parliament & Cymande 1:19
Do It (This Time with Feeling) Cymande UKC641500007 4:49
Dove Cymande GB8A91200030 10:54
Equatorial Forest Cymande GB8A91200031 3:38
Everybody Turn Rasta Cymande UKC641500006 3:25
Everybody's Doing Alright Cymande UKC641500008 4:14
For Baby Oh Cymande 2:16
For Baby Oh (part of “The Grandfather Paradox” DJ-mix) Cymande 2:31
For Baby Ooh Cymande GB8A91200032 2:17
Friends Cymande GB8A91200034 3:16
Fug Cymande GB8A91200035 4:24
Fug Cymande 3:04
Fug Cymande 2:53
Fug (part of “Pick 'n' Mix” DJ-mix) Cymande 4:00
Fug [7' Mix] Cymande 2:55
Fugs Back (Greenskeepers remix) Cymande 4:27
Genevieve Cymande GB8A91200036 3:17
Genevieve Cymande 3:11
Getting It Back Cymande GB8A91200038 4:18
Getting It Back Cymande 3:50
God's Highway Cymande UKC641500009 4:52
Golf, Food & Scratching (part of “DJ Yoda: How To Cut & Paste, Vol 1” DJ-Mix) DJ Yoda feat. Fat Back Band, Mother Freedom Band & Cymande 2:02
Irritating Dove (part of “DJ Yoda: How To Cut & Paste, Vol 1” DJ-Mix) DJ Yoda feat. Cymande & Bob James 1:28
It's Magic Cymande 3:30
Leavert Cymande GB8A91200040 3:25
Let Me Be The One Cymande 4:16
Listen Cymande GB8A91200041 4:41
Living For Your Love Cymande 5:27
Losing Ground Cymande GB8A91200042 4:25
Mighty Heavy Load Cymande GB8A91200046 4:07
No Weeping Cymande UKC641500001 4:05
One More Cymande GB8A91200047 3:06
One More Time (part of “Tommy Guerrero: AnotherLateNight” DJ-mix) Cymande 3:01
Our Love (Will Really Get Going) Cymande GB8A91200048 3:25
Perverted Disturbances (part of “DJ Yoda: How To Cut & Paste, Vol 1” DJ-Mix) DJ Yoda feat. Cymande, Rimshots & Bob James 2:06
Pon de Dungle Cymande GB8A91200049 3:42
Promised Heights Cymande GB8A91200050 6:14
Rastafarian Folk Song Cymande GB8A91200051 3:12
Rickshaw Cymande GB8A91200053 5:55
Sea of Tears Cymande UKC641500010 4:42
Sheshamani Cymande GB8A91200054 4:00
Since You've Been Gone Cymande 4:58
Sweet Talk Cymande 6:17
The Message Cymande GB8A91200044 4:18
The Message Cymande 2:44
The Message Cymande 3:05
The Message Cymande 3:45
The Message Cymande 3:12
The Message Cymande 3:07
The Message Cymande 2:29
The Message Cymande 3:47
The Message Cymande 4:16
The Message (part of “DJ Andy Smith: The Document III” DJ-mix) Cymande 2:24
The Message (part of “Paul Nice: Soul On The Grill” DJ-mix) Cymande 2:45
The Message (part of “The Blue Bar” DJ-mix) Cymande 4:02
The Message (7" mix) Cymande 3:28
The Recluse Cymande GB8A91200052 5:50
Them and Us Cymande GB8A91200055 5:26
To You Cymande GB8A91200056 3:32
Trevorgus Cymande GB8A91200057 3:23
What's The Word Cymande 7:26
Willy's Headache Cymande GB8A91200058 4:52
You Won't Feel So Proud Cymande 4:22
Zion I Cymande GB8A91200061 4 3:28

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