Peter Vogl

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Am Is (with drums) 1:13
Am Is (without drums) 4:20
Bm Funky (with drums) 0:56
Bm Funky (without drums) 4:32
C Waltz (with drums) 1:07
C Waltz (without drums) 4:09
E7♯9 (with drums) 1:11
E7♯9 (without drums) 4:19
Gm Reggae (with drums) 1:09
Gm Reggae (without drums) 4:42
Intro 0:54
Mess'n in G (with drums) 1:00
Mess'n in G (without drums) 4:17
Pull the String (with drums) 0:55
Pull the String (without drums) 4:24
Raw Power (with drums) 0:49
Raw Power (without drums) 3:29
Rock Ballad (with drums) 0:56
Rock Ballad (without drums) 3:58
Rock in B (with drums) 0:45
Rock in B (without drums) 3:56
Rock Vamp (with drums) 1:06
Rock Vamp (without drums) 5:19
Shine in E (with drums) 1:18
Shine in E (without drums) 4:20
Slow Blues (with drums) 0:52
Slow Blues (without drums) 4:40
Steady in Em (with drums) 1:10
Steady in Em (without drums) 3:49

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