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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
Ain’t Gonna CryassistantBryan Adams4:06
Be Your HusbandJeff Buckley4:55
Break It UpassistantForeigner4:13
Calling YouJeff Buckley5:50
Dink's SongJeff Buckley11:15
Don’t Let GoassistantForeigner3:51
Drown in My Own TearsJeff Buckley4:12
Eternal LifeJeff Buckley5:43
Eternal LifeJeff Buckley5:51
Girl on the MoonassistantForeigner3:53
GraceJeff Buckley6:50
HallelujahJeff Buckley9:15
HeavenassistantBryan Adams4:04
Hey MamboMichel SauvageadditionalBarry Manilow with Kid Creole and the Coconuts2:52
Hey Mambo (Caliente mix — single edit)Michel SauvageadditionalBarry Manilow with Kid Creole and the Coconuts3:36
Hey Mambo (Caliente mix)Michel SauvageadditionalBarry Manilow with Kid Creole and the Coconuts5:05
Hey Mambo (Loco Caliente mix)Michel SauvageadditionalBarry Manilow with Kid Creole and the Coconuts5:48
I Shall Be ReleasedJeff Buckley5:20
I’m Gonna WinassistantForeigner4:53
If You KnewJeff Buckley4:28
If You See Her, Say HelloJeff Buckley8:19
It’s Only LoveassistantBryan Adams with Tina Turner3:15
Je n'en connais pas la finJeff Buckley5:00
Je n'en connais pas la finJeff Buckley5:03
Juke Box HeroassistantForeigner4:20
Just Like a WomanJeff Buckley7:27
Kids Wanna RockassistantBryan Adams2:36
Long GoneassistantBryan Adams3:58
Lover, You Should've Come OverJeff Buckley9:26
Mojo PinJeff Buckley5:38
Mojo PinJeff Buckley5:52
Monologue: Café DaysJeff Buckley0:15
Monologue: Duane Eddy, Songs for LoversJeff Buckley1:18
Monologue: Eternal LifeJeff Buckley0:36
Monologue: Fabulous Time for a GuinnessJeff Buckley0:41
Monologue: False Start, Apology, Miles DavisJeff Buckley1:04
Monologue: Good Night BillJeff Buckley0:17
Monologue: I'm a Ridiculous PersonJeff Buckley0:40
Monologue: Matt Dillon, Hollies, Classic Rock RadioJeff Buckley1:33
Monologue: Musical ChairsJeff Buckley1:09
Monologue: Nusrat, He's My ElvisJeff Buckley3:13
Monologue: Reverb, The DoorsJeff Buckley1:40
Monologue: the Suckiest WaterJeff Buckley0:09
Monologue: Walk Through WallsJeff Buckley0:26
Night FlightJeff Buckley6:40
Night LifeassistantForeigner3:50
One Night Love AffairassistantBryan Adams4:34
Run to YouassistantBryan Adams3:53
She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancin’assistantBryan Adams3:14
SomebodyassistantBryan Adams4:43
Strange FruitJeff Buckley7:43
Summer of ’69assistantBryan Adams3:35
Sweet ThingJeff Buckley10:37
The Way Young Lovers DoJeff Buckley10:07
The Way Young Lovers DoJeff Buckley10:03
Twelfth of NeverJeff Buckley3:35
Unforgiven (Last Goodbye)Jeff Buckley5:36
Waiting for a Girl Like YouassistantForeigner4:51
Woman in BlackassistantForeigner4:46
Yeh Jo Halka Halka Saroor HaiJeff Buckley6:09
1991-11Africa RemembersMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour9:23
1991-11Am AmMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour4:14
1991-11Country BoyMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour4:04
1991-11Couple's ChoiceMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour5:33
1991-11HopeMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour5:28
1991-11Live TelevisionMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour6:00
1991-11Marie-Madeleine La Saint-LouisienneMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour3:50
1991-11New AfricaMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour3:44
1991-11No MoreMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour4:15
1991-11SurvieMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour4:40
1991-11The SameMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour5:14
1991-11Things UnspokenMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour7:02
1991-11Yo Lé Lé (Fulani Groove)Michel SauvageYoussou N’Dour6:25
Africa RemembersMichel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour9:23
Am AmMichel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour4:14
Country BoyMichel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour4:04
Couple's ChoiceMichel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour5:33
HopeMichel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour5:28
Live TelevisionMichel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour6:00
Marie-Madeleine La Saint-LouisienneMichel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour3:50
New AfricaMichel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour3:44
No MoreMichel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour4:15
SurvieMichel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour4:40
The SameMichel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour5:14
Things UnspokenMichel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour7:02
Useless WeaponsMichel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour4:09
Yo Lé Lé (Fulani Groove)Michel SauvageassociateYoussou N’Dour6:25
recording engineer for
1982-02-12 – 1982-02-13BoleroMichel SauvageassistantLarry Coryell, Michał Urbaniak Duo8:05
1982-02-12 – 1982-02-13MikaMichel SauvageassistantLarry Coryell, Michał Urbaniak Duo4:50
1982-02-12 – 1982-02-13My One and Only LoveMichel SauvageassistantLarry Coryell, Michał Urbaniak Duo4:50
1982-02-12 – 1982-02-13NuagesMichel SauvageassistantLarry Coryell, Michał Urbaniak Duo6:35
1982-02-12 – 1982-02-13Sister SadieMichel SauvageassistantLarry Coryell, Michał Urbaniak Duo5:30
1982-02-12 – 1982-02-13Song for My FatherMichel SauvageassistantLarry Coryell, Michał Urbaniak Duo7:15
1982-02-12 – 1982-02-13SpainMichel SauvageassistantLarry Coryell, Michał Urbaniak Duo9:12
1991-10Africa RemembersMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour9:23
1991-10Am AmMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour4:14
1991-10Country BoyMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour4:04
1991-10Couple's ChoiceMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour5:33
1991-10HopeMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour5:28
1991-10Live TelevisionMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour6:00
1991-10Marie-Madeleine La Saint-LouisienneMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour3:50
1991-10New AfricaMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour3:44
1991-10No MoreMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour4:15
1991-10SurvieMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour4:40
1991-10The SameMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour5:14
1991-10Things UnspokenMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour7:02
1991-10Yo Lé Lé (Fulani Groove)Michel SauvageYoussou N’Dour6:25
C'est l'amourMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour3:44
Li ma weesuMichel SauvageYoussou N’Dour3:54
Big Bam BoomadditionalHall & Oates
Big Bam BoomadditionalHall & Oates
Big Bam BoomadditionalHall & Oates
Big Bam BoomadditionalHall & Oates
Word, Sound and PowerMichel SauvageassistantChris Hinze, Word, Sound and Power