Charger (sludge metal)

~ Group



Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
"-" Charger 5:05
1d Charger 4:42
1d Charger 4:38
A Ventilation System for Cooling Poultry Charger 13:31
Airtank Face Pincers Charger 9:29
Black Acid Rape Charger 5:34
Bonus Live Set Charger 13:11
Brickshithouse Charger 14:44
Carbon Wings Charger 5:31
Chide and Harmonize Charger 7:41
Cult vs. Cunt Charger 1:51
For All Intents and Purposes (You Are All Already Dead) Charger 9:29
God Made Us in the Image of His Ass Charger 6:56
Golden Hour NCT feat. Deuce & Charger 3:52
Immense Mammoth Charger 5:29
Inducing the Gag Reflex Charger 9:36
Megatron Charger 4:44
Melvin Lardy Charger 1:50
Nuance Charger 5:46
Omar Suarez Charger 3:22
Pennies for Soil Charger 3:43
Remains Charger 6:12
Shake! Baby! Shake! Charger 7:13
Slope Migrane Charger 5:17
The Amputee Charger 3:59
The Bereavement Dividend Charger 10:46
The Pride of Essex Charger 3:26
The Stuffer Charger 4:09
This Is Not a Song About Vampires Charger 2:47
This Is Our Black Sabbath Charger 13:16
Ultra Violet Flyer Charger 6:31
Villain Abuse Charger 3:57
Villain Abuse Charger 4:01
Violent Summer Charger feat. Mitch Harris 3:32
Xtab Charger 10:23

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