Desolate Horizons (Constantine Horizon)

~ Person

Legal name: Constantine Horizon



2015Wide As The Golden OceanDesolate Horizons / Endless Melancholy1
2015When Worlds Collide Without EchoDesolate Horizons / City Of Dawn1
2015Wakening, VoicelessnessDesolate Horizons / Edward Mourne1
2015We'll Never Fade AwayDesolate Horizons1
2016Deep as the Dark Blue SeaDesolate Horizons / Endless Melancholy2
2016I Thought I'd Never Find YouDesolate Horizons1
2016Euphoric DeathDesolate Horizons1
2017ReminiscenceDesolate Horizons1
2017A Moment With No EndDesolate Horizons1
2017A Moment With No End, pt. II: Pure Love and Golden BlissDesolate Horizons1
2017Those Dreams Make MiraclesDesolate Horizons1
2018A Moment With No End, pt. IV: Stellar RemnantsDesolate Horizons1
2018Stellar Remnants: OuttakesDesolate Horizons1
2018A Moment With No End, pt. V: They Saw the LightDesolate Horizons1

Album + Compilation

2017AmethystineDesolate Horizons1


2016I Miss The Soft Words, The Song Of Birds, From The Days When The World Was AlightDesolate Horizons1
2016Dreams CrystalliseDesolate Horizons1
2017Staring Off Into NothingnessDesolate Horizons1
2018ΤΕΣΣΑΡΑ ΕΝΙΑΥΤΩΝDesolate Horizons1


2014Together We Feel New LifeDesolate Horizons1
2015We Are Light, With Love And PurityDesolate Horizons1
2015We Are What We DreamDesolate Horizons1
2016The Story of the Sun and Its Fiery DeathDesolate Horizons1
2018A Moment With No End, pt. III: We Bloom AgainDesolate Horizons1

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