Date Title Artist Length
"Independence Day" (Main Theme) The Festival Studio Orchestra 3:24
1492 – Conquest of Paradise: Conquest of Paradise Vangelis 4:49
Alexis Zorbas: Zorbas Tanz Μίκης Θεοδωράκης 4:07
Armageddon: Hauptthema Trevor Rabin 3:04
As Time Goes By 101 Strings Orchestra 2:38
Basic Instinct: Main Title The Movie Sound Orchestra 2:11
Blade Runner: Hauptthema Vangelis 3:20
Das Boot: Hauptthema Klaus Doldinger 3:12
Der dritte Mann: Harry Lime Thema Anton Karas 3:55
Der rosarote Panter: Hauptthema Henry Mancini 3:19
Hatari: Baby Elephant Walk Henry Mancini 3:05
King Kong: Hauptthema James Newton Howard 1:11
Lara's Theme 101 Strings 3:06
Lawrence von Arabien: Hauptthema Maurice Jarre 3:59
Love Story: Hauptthema Francis Lai 3:51
Matrix Reloaded: Hauptthema Don Davis 1:29
May It Be Claire Hamilton 3:33
Mission Impossible: Hauptthema Lalo Schifrin 3:24
Moon River 101 Strings Orchestra 2:57
Now We Are Free Lisa Cannon 4:20
Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod: Hauptthema Ennio Morricone 4:44
Terminator: Hauptthema Brad Fiedel 3:25
Theme from "Jurassic Park" The Silver Screen Orchestra 3:18
Theme From Bilitis The Movie Sound Orchestra 3:21
Theme From Braveheart Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 2:54
Theme From Harry Potter (Harry's Wondrous World) Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 4:59
Theme From Pirates of the Caribbean: He's a Pirate Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 1:25
Theme From Waterworld Soundtrack & Theme Orchestra 2:17
Titanic: Love Theme: My Heart Will Go On James Horner 4:39
Vom Winde verweht: Taras Thema Max Steiner 4:18