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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
(Esta gran humanidad ha dicho) iYa basta! Ultra-Red 5:01
(Jack) Tactic (Tracks 1973–1983) Ten Minutes of Condensation Ultra-Red 10:05
A pico aliso (Hemos bastante) Ultra-Red 9:37
A16 Ultra-Red 4:21
A16 (edit) Ultra-Red 5:53
Amnistía Ultra-Red 1:50
Amnistía (en MayDay2K) Ultra-Red 5:43
Amnistía (por Nueva York) Ultra-Red 6:25
Architecture Versus Housing Ultra-Red 10:16
Auto Body (Cruise Ctrl) Ultra-Red ?:??
Auto Body (Cruise Ctrl) Ultra-Red 5:07
Canción de la posada Ultra-Red 6:04
Canción de la Posada (Traducción por G.R.R.L.) Ultra-Red 5:05
Conducting Bodies (Cuerops Que Conducen) Ultra-Red 6:17
Cruise Control (original) Ultra-Red ?:??
Cruise Control (original) Ultra-Red 5:49
Curbed Behavior(s) Ultra-Red ?:??
Curbed Behavior(s) Ultra-Red 4:22
Curbed Behaviors (No Park Queen remixed by Terre Thaemlitz) Ultra-Red ?:??
Curbed Behaviors (No Park Queen remixed by Terre Thaemlitz) Ultra-Red 10:47
Eclogue (C.B.) Ultra-Red ?:??
Eclogue II Ultra-Red ?:??
Eclogue II Ultra-Red 0:45
Eclogue V Ultra-Red ?:??
Eclogue V Ultra-Red 1:24
Eclogue VI Ultra-Red ?:??
Eclogue VI Ultra-Red 1:49
Eclogue VII Ultra-Red ?:??
Eclogue VII Ultra-Red 1:32
El nuevo urbanismo Ultra-Red 9:15
El Nuevo Urbanismo (Traducción por Alejandra Y Underwood) Ultra-Red 3:47
Entrada Ultra-Red 0:42
Esperanza (En la Frontera) Ultra-Red 5:23
Frankfurt Bahnhof Ultra-Red 8:00
Geopolitik Ultra-Red 3:23
Ghetto Express Ultra-Red 6:26
Ghetto Express (remix) Ultra-Red & Kanak Attak 6:05
Illegalization Ultra-Red 6:01
Las montañas Ultra-Red 5:23
Lewd Conduct Ultra-Red ?:??
Lewd Conduct Ultra-Red 5:00
Lewd Conduct (Unnatural Microphonics) Ultra-Red ?:??
Lewd Conduct (Unnatural Microphonics) Ultra-Red 4:57
Liberté de Mouvement Ultra-Red 7:48
Mentirosos Ultra-Red 5:22
Movement for Airports Ultra-Red 4:29
Neue Wirtschaft Ultra-Red 2:00
Neue Wirtschaft (Freedom of Movement) Ultra-Red 6:01
Nuanca (Spatial Deconcentration) Ultra-Red 7:28
Nunca (Spatial Deconcentration) (Traducción por Leekon) Ultra-Red 4:44
Pink Ultra-Red 3:55
Pleasure Grounds (Curbed Behaviors) Ultra-Red ?:??
Pleasure Grounds (Curbed Behaviors) Ultra-Red 5:20
Public Address Ultra-Red ?:??
Public Address (C.B.) Ultra-Red 8:38
Recordando a Chico (original) Ultra-Red 6:37
Recordando a chico (Otto von Schirach remix) Ultra-Red 4:04
Recordando a Chico (Traducción por Otto Von Schirach) Ultra-Red 4:02
Red Light Ultra-Red 8:04
Responses (Border Regime) Ultra-Red 4:00
Rotlicht Ultra-Red 8:04
Sin cargo (amnistía) Ultra-Red 6:34
Siyaset Giris Ultra-Red 7:19
Structurally Sound Ultra-Red 5:50
Structurally Sound (Traducción por Spike) Ultra-Red 6:03
Vivienda Contra Autoridad (original) Ultra-Red 3:26
Vivienda Contra Autoridad (Traducción por Ultra-Red) Ultra-Red 5:48
Weasel Pop Ultra-Red 3:20
Weasel Pop (Traducción por Mannequin Lung) Ultra-Red 4:15
Weasel Pop (Traducción por TPM) Ultra-Red 4:08
What Democracy (demo edit) Ultra-Red 5:30
Yo vivo aqui Ultra-Red 4:38
Yo Vivo Aqui (Traducción por Patcha Kutek) Ultra-Red 5:48
Yo Vivo Aqui (Traducción por Sony Mao Via Needle) Ultra-Red 3:24

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