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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Hidden Camera Photek 5 6:48
The Hidden Camera Photek 5:59
The Hidden Camera (Static mix) Photek 6:18
The Keating 5 Photek 6:40
The Lightening (Digital remix) Photek GBAAA9820413 5:50
The Margin ’98 (Doc Scott remix) Photek GBAAA9820415 6:55
The Rain Photek 6:38
The Rain Photek 4:25
The Rain Photek 6:30
The Rain (Photek remix) Photek 7:56
The Rain (Photek remix) (part of “Ministry of Sound: Back to the Old Skool Drum n Bass” DJ-mix) Photek 3:37
The Seven Samurai Photek GBAAA9820420 5 6:48
The Seven Samurai (Photek remix) Photek GBAAA9820412 5 7:00
The Third Sequence Photek 4:51
Things Photek feat. Robert Owens 5:53
Things That Make U Feel Good Photek feat. Robert Owens ?:??
This City Photek 4:50
This Love Photek feat. Ray La Montagne 5:35
Thunder Die & Photek feat. Hollie 3:26
Thunder Die & Photek 5:20
Thunder Die & Photek 4:04
Thunder (DJ Die & Clipse remix) Photek 5:51
Titan Photek 5:58
Totem Photek 6:13
Trans 7 Photek 7:51
UFO Photek GBAAA9820423 6:16
UFO (Addison Groove’s Almost Headhunter remix) Photek 4:37
UFO (J Majik remix) Photek GBAAA9820417 5 6:15
Under the Palms Photek GBAAA0000599 2:37
Underground Legends Photek 3:02
We Got Heat Photek 1:43
We Got Heat (Ram Trilogy mix) (part of a “FabricLive 13: J Majik” DJ‐mix) Photek presents Choc Ty 3:45
We Got Heat (Ram Trilogy remix) Photek feat. Choc Ty & Chiara 3:13
Wingman Photek 3:07
Yendi Photek 7:15
Yendi (part of a “FabricLive 44: Commix” DJ‐mix) Photek 2:11

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