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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Explorers Ride Again Immediate 2:24
The Fate of Our Brave Immediate 3:23
The Gathering Immediate 1:39
The Golden Voyage Immediate 1:41
The Golden Voyage (30s) Immediate 0:30
The Golden Voyage (No Choir) Immediate 1:41
The Hatch Immediate 2:22
The Hometown Hero (No Choir) Immediate 1:37
The Hometwon Hero Immediate 1:38
The Knights Templar Immediate 1:59
The Knights Templar (No Choir) Immediate 1:59
The Lords Shall Rule Immediate 3:09
The Lords Shall Rule Immediate 3:09
The Maze Immediate 2:30
The Mighty Shall Rise Immediate Music 3:39
The Night Is Far Spent Immediate 2:35
The Reluctant Warrior Immediate 3 2:25
The Summoning of Heroes Immediate 1:13
The Twelve Titans Immediate 2:00
The Ultimate Adventure Immediate 1:36
The Ultimate Adventure (No Choir) Immediate 1:36
The Unlikeliest of Heroes Immediate 2:32
The Uprising Immediate Music 2:56
The Warlocks Apprentice Immediate 1:42
The Warlocks Apprentice (No Choir) Immediate 1:43
The World We Have Left Immediate 2:28
Theory of Us Immediate 2:59
This War Must End Immediate 3:38
This World of Wonders Immediate 3:56
Thousand Light Years Immediate 2:39
Time to Die Immediate 2:16
To a Faraway Land Immediate 0:47
To Rise Above Immediate 2:30
Tormentor Immediate 1:21
Translucent Immediate 3:33
Treasure Chase Immediate 1:05
Trial of the Archangel Immediate 3 3:55
Unholy in Thee Immediate 2:26
United Immediate Music 2:30
Unlock the Secret Immediate 0:40
Unlock the Secret (No Choir) Immediate 0:40
Vigorous Warfare Immediate 2:32
Virtue at All Costs Immediate 2:58
We Are Dreamers Immediate 2:45
We Made This War Immediate 2:47
Where We Met Immediate 3:33
Why Is This Happening Immediate 1:58
Wings of Victory Immediate 2:10
Wings of Victory (No Choir) Immediate 2:10
Witch Hunt Immediate 1:34
Wolf Moon Uprising Immediate 4:21
World on a String Immediate 3 3:57

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