Partners-N-Crime (New Orleans hip-hop duo)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
187 Um Partners-N-Crime 2:24
Amari Partners-N-Crime 0:33
Bad M-F Partners-N-Crime 3:49
Band Talk Partners N Crime 0:41
Bitch Get Off Me Partners-N-Crime 3:34
Broke Talk Partners N Crime 0:33
Bubble Bubble Partners-N-Crime feat. Juvenile & Skip 3:51
Catch the Wall Partners N Crime 4:12
Catch the Wall (remix) Partners N Crime feat. Juvenile 4:16
Club Bangaz Juvenile & Partners N Crime 3:49
Club Bangaz Partners-N-Crime feat. Juvenile 5:43
Club Bangaz (Screwed & Chopped-A-Lot) Scarface feat. Juvenile & Partners-N-Crime 5:12
Come Smoke Partners-N-Crime 1:58
Dat Boy a Dog Partners N Crime feat. Ms. Tee 3:54
Deep n the N.O. Partners-N-Crime 2:26
Do It Baby Partners-N-Crime feat. Da Block Burnaz 5:26
Do What We Want To Lil Wayne feat. Partners-N-Crime 5:32
Do What'cha Do Partners N Crime 3:58
Don't Fuck Wit Us Partners-N-Crime 0:34
Don't Hate Me Partners-N-Crime feat. Skip & Lil’ Flip 4:59
Get On Top Partners-N-Crime feat. Ms. Tee 3:46
Give Me Some Partners-N-Crime 3:12
Gucci Partners-N-Crime 4:11
Handle That! Partners-N-Crime 1:30
Herion (Baby) Partners-N-Crime 3:06
Holla at Me Partners N Crime feat. 5th Ward Weebie, Bayou Boy, Manny Lee, De Jon & Ms. Tee 3:42
Hustlin’ C‐Murder feat. Master P & Partners in Crime 5:44
I Like the Way Partners N Crime feat. Kango 3:06
I've Been Watching You Partners N Crime feat. N-Dow 3:39
Inside The Club (Skit) Partners-N-Crime 0:47
Intro Partners N Crime 1:07
Intro Partners-N-Crime 0:48
Let tha Good Times Roll (radio) Partners-N-Crime 3:31
Let the Good Times Roll Partners-N-Crime 3:31
Let the Good Times Roll Partners-N-Crime 3:31
Lock Up the Lab Partners-N-Crime 2:08
Love Jones' Partners-N-Crime 3:25
Money Partners N Crime feat. Kane & Abel 3:47
My P-N-C Partners-N-Crime 3:00
Ohhh! Partners-N-Crime 4:36
Ooh! Why? Partners-N-Crime 2:44
Peter Bag Partners-N-Crime 4:03
Poo Shooter Partners-N-Crime feat. Juvenile 3:45
Pump tha Party Partners-N-Crime 4:37
Pump tha Party Partners-N-Crime 4:28
Pussy n a Can Partners-N-Crime 3:33
Rep'n on a Nigga Partners-N-Crime 1:46
Ride It Roll It Partners-N-Crime 4:04
Shake Yo Rump Partners N Crime feat. Ms. Tee 2:52
Skee-Wee Partners-N-Crime feat. L.O.D. 3:57
Slippin' Partners-N-Crime 0:41
Smoke Some'm Partners-N-Crime feat. Bun B 4:18
Take Me Home Partners N Crime feat. Ms. Tee 3:40
Talk That Shit Now (Fuck U & LV) Partners-N-Crime 5:23
Thank U Miss Lilly Partners-N-Crime 3:04
Thank You Miss Lilly Partners-N-Crime 3:00
Thank You Miss Lilly (radio) Partners-N-Crime 3:03
That's The Way Partners-N-Crime feat. Tanya Herron 3:46
The Block (Skit) Partners-N-Crime 0:51
The Blunt Is Mine Partners-N-Crime 2:24
The Heist Partners N Crime feat. Lil' Slim 3:57
Touch Yo Toe's Partners N Crime feat. 5th Ward Weebie & Cris-Style 4:53
Tune In (intro) Partners-N-Crime 0:48
Up Early in the Morning Partners-N-Crime 4:00
Up Early n tha Morning Partners-N-Crime 4:02
Up Early n tha Morning (radio) Partners-N-Crime 3:59
W.P.I.M.P. Radio Show Partners-N-Crime 5:05
We Don't Love Them Hoes Partners-N-Crime ?:??
We Don't Love Them Hoes, Part II Partners-N-Crime 3:29
We Don't Luv'em Thoe Partners-N-Crime 2:47
Who Dat Partners N Crime feat. Fiend of the Ruff Ryders 4:51
Who They Want Partners-N-Crime 3:23
Wind It Up Partners-N-Crime 3:02
Wind It Up (intro) Partners-N-Crime 0:21
X & Sex Partners-N-Crime 3:44
You Ain't Never Partners-N-Crime feat. Skip & B-Shype 4:36
You Can't Stop Me Juvenile feat. Partners-N-Crime & Youngin 3:43

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