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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Grungy Cappadonna feat. G-Clef 2:41
Guns n’ Razors Ghostface Killah feat. Trife da God, Cappadonna & Killa Sin 3:15
Heaterz Wu‐Tang Clan feat. CappaDonna USRC19705783 5:26
Heaterz (clean) Wu‐Tang Clan feat. CappaDonna 5:26
Help the Brovas Cappadonna feat. Amar & Spliff Star 3:15
Hip-Hop Never Died Cappadonna feat. Skillz, Lounge Mode & Mr. Cheeks 4:58
Hold On Cappadonna 2:58
Holdin' Cappadonna feat. Lounge Lo ?:??
Honey and War Cappadonna 3:24
Honey's Look Good Cappadonna feat. Inspectah Deck 4:12
Hoody Hoodpecker Cappadonna feat. Matlock & Killa Black 3:47
Hustle & Flow Cappadonna 3:05
Hustle Game Tight Cappadonna 3:30
I Can See Tekitha feat. Cappadonna 3:51
I Don't Even Know You Cappadonna 2:21
I Was Lovin' You (Call It Quits) Cappadonna 4:17
I'm Not the One Cappadonna feat. Sweetleaf 3:55
Ice Cream Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah, Method Man & Cappadonna USRC19502504 4:12
Ice Cream Ghostface Killah feat. Cappadonna 2:53
Ice Cream (Live in NYC 10/09/05) Ghostface Killah & Cappadonna ?:??
Ice Cream (LP version) Raekwon feat. Cappadonna, Ghostface Killah & Method Man 4:16
Ice Cream, Part 2 Raekwon feat. Method Man & Cappadonna 3:44
Ice Water Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah & Cappadonna USRC19502500 3:39
If It's Alright With You Cappadonna feat. U-God ?:??
If You Don't Stop Cappadonna feat. Born Divine ?:??
Immaculate Bosses Almighty feat. Cappadonna, Tragedy Khadafi, Planet Asia, Bronze Nazareth & Canibus ?:??
In the Dungeon Cappadonna feat. The Show Stoppers 2:44
Instrumental Cappadonna 5:06
Intro Cappadonna 0:16
Iron Maiden Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon & Cappadonna USSM19602711 4:47
It's a Mans World Cappadonna 2:18
It's Like That (remix) Nok feat. Mic Devious, Cappadonna ?:??
Jellyfish Ghostface Killah feat. Theodore Unit (Capadonna, Shawn Wigs & Trife) USUM70601446 3:51
Killa Hill Raekwon feat. Method Man & Cappadonna ?:??
Killa Killa Hill Cappadonna feat. Raekwon 3:37
King's Indian Attack Endemic feat. Masta Killa, Cappadonna, Bronze Nazareth & DJ Switch 3:21
Knowledge & the Power Almighty feat. Kurupt, Bronze Nazareth, Cappadonna & M-80 ?:??
La Voix du peuple (remix) Cappadonna & Rost 4:11
Let's Get Free Cappadonna feat. Hashous Clay 4:59
Liberté Cappadonna, CMP & Noir Sur Blanc ?:??
Life of a Lesbo Cappadonna 3:44
Life of a Lesbo Cappadonna 4:02
Life's a Gamble Cappadonna feat. Raekwon & Ratchet 3:07
Little Ghetto Boys Wu‐Tang Clan feat. CappaDonna USRC19705774 4:49
Little Ghetto Boys (clean) Wu‐Tang Clan feat. CappaDonna 4:49
Live Ya Life Cappadonna feat. Lounge Lo 2:49
Love Is the Message Cappadonna feat. Raekwon 4:00
Love Is the Message Raekwon & Cappadonna 7:33
Make Money Money (skit) Cappadonna 0:12
Mamma Cappadonna 2:54
Mamma (skit) Cappadonna 0:18
Maria Wu‐Tang Clan feat. CappaDonna USRC19705769 2:55
Maria Ol’ Dirty Bastard feat. Cappadonna 2:37
Maria (clean) Wu‐Tang Clan feat. CappaDonna 2:55
MCF Cappadonna USSM19703150 3:55
Milk The Cow Cappadonna USSM19703826 3:45
Milk the Cow (Anotha Riddle) Cappadonna USSM19703826 3:45
Money, Cash, Flows Cappadonna feat. Remedy, Lounge Mode & Crunch Lo 3:21
My Gang Cappadonna feat. Born Divine & The Better Lifers ?:??
My Kinda Bitch Cappadonna 2:31
My Kinda Bitch Cappadonna 2:51
Native NY The White Shadow of Norway feat. Cappadonna 3:17
Natural Disaster Cappadonna feat. Amar, Lounger & Wonderman 3:12
Net Surfin Cappadonna feat. The Show Stoppers 3:41
Nice 2 Be Important Cappadonna 4:04
Not Too Alarming Cappadonna, Pep Love & Del 2:53
Nothing King Magnetic feat. Cappadonna & GQ Nothin' Pretty 3:42
Now You Cappadonna feat. Lounge Mode & Crunch Lo 2:37
Odd Couple Ghostface Killah feat. Cappadonna 4:07
Oh-Donna Cappadonna feat. Ghostface Killah USSM19703146 3:51
One Four Love, Part 2 Mos Def feat. Shyheim, Channel Live, Wise Intelligent, Cappadonna, Crunch Lo & Rock 3:15
One More to Go Deadly Venoms feat. Inspectah Deck, Method Man, Cappadonna, GZA/Genius & Streetlife 6:13
One Night Love Affair Cappadonna ?:??
One Way to Zion Cappadonna feat. Culture 5:22
Pain Is Love Cappadonna feat. Lounge Mode & Solomon Childs 3:19
Pain Is Love Cappadonna feat. Lounge Mode 2:47
Paisley Darts Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon, Sun God, Trife da God, Method Man & Cappadonna 5:36
Papyrus Prophecies Almighty feat. M-80, Canibus, Cappadonna & Planet Asia ?:??
Parkhill Avenue Crew Cappadonna feat. Chunky & Kash 4:40
Pass The Mic Ghostface Killah feat. Trife, Cappadonna & Wigs ?:??
Peace God Cappadonna feat. Born Divine ?:??
Pillage Cappadonna feat. Killer Bamz USSM19703154 3:14
Pistachio Cappadonna feat. Loung Lo, King Just & Lugar 4:33
Poppi Wardrobe King Cappadonna feat. Hashous Clay 3:59
Pour tha Martini Wu-Block feat. Cappadonna 3:09
Power to the Peso Cappadonna feat. Lounge, Wiggs & Solomon Childs 3:15
Project Kids Cappadonna feat. Amar & Show Stoppa 3:24
Puffed on Pride Cappadonna 3:39
Pull Ya Life Together Cappadonna 3:03
Pump Your Fist Cappadonna feat. Killer Bamz & Tekitha USSM19703149 3:38
Put God First Cappadonna feat. Solomon Childs & Inspectah Deck 4:03
Rap Is Like Crack Cappadonna feat. Solomon Childs 2:26
Raven Hair Cappadonna 3:40
Raw Cappadonna feat. Amar & Lounger 3:21
Real Life Cappadonna 3:25
Real Live Shit Ghostface Killah feat. Cappadonna, Killa Sin, Lord Tariq, Real live 4:05
Real Niggaz Cappadonna 3:59
Real Talk Cappadonna feat. Lounge Lo 3:46
Rep Ya Borough Cappadonna feat. Lounge Lo 2:53
Respect Mine Method Man feat. Raekwon & Cappadonna 3:24

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