The Fortunes (English harmony beat group)

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Seasons in the Sun 3:31
Seasons in the Sun 3:33
Seasons in the Sun 3:45
Secret Love 4:23
She's Sure the Girl I Love ?:??
Shop Around 2:44
Silent Street 2:45
Someone Is Standing Outside 2:58
Storm in a Tea Cup 3:34
Storm in a Tea-Cup ?:??
Storm in a Teacup ?:??
Storm in a Teacup USCA29400246 3:14
Storm in a Teacup 3:30
Storm in a Teacup 3:22
Storm in a Teacup 3:28
Storm in a Teacup 3:14
Storm in a Teacup ?:??
Summertime Summertime 1:57
Tarnished Angel ?:??
That Old Same Feeling 2:55
That Same Old Feeling 3:21
That Same Old Feeling 3:25
That Same Old Feeling 3:41
That Same Old Feeling 3:18
The Eyes of Jenny 4:25
The Guitar Plays 3:46
The Guitar Plays 3:46
The Guitar Plays 3:43
The Idol 2:56
The Idol GBAYE0900548 2:58
The Idol 2:50
The Night Started to Cry 4:14
The Same Old Feeling 3:24
The Same Old Feeling 4:15
There's a Man 3:19
This Empty Place 2:56
This Golden Ring 2:19
This Golden Ring 2:11
This Golden Ring 2:16
This Golden Ring 2:17
This Golden Ring ?:??
Thoughts 2:55
Time to Be Going 2:24
Today I Killed a Man 3:10
Tree ?:??
Truly Yours 2:11
Voice Your Choice 2:13
Wait Until September 3:11
When I’m Gone 3:29
When Your Heart Speaks 4:07
When Your Heart Speaks 2:44
When Your Heart Speaks 4:11
When Your Heart Speaks to You 4:15
Whenever It's a Sunday 2:44
Whether You Like It or Not 3:28
Who Cares ?:??
Why Won't You Wear My Ring? 2:04
Won't You Give Him 2:16
Won’t You Give Him (One More Chance) 2:17
You Can Have Her 3:05
You Captured My Heart 3:30
You Captured My Heart 3:31
You Captured My Heart 3:28
You Gave Me Somebody to Love 2:53
You've Got Your Troubles ?:??
You've Got Your Troubles 3:28
You've Got Your Troubles 3:20
You've Got Your Troubles 3:21
You've Got Your Troubles ?:??
You've Got Your Troubles ?:??
You've Got Your Troubles 3:30
You've Got Your Troubles ?:??
You've Got Your Troubles (I've Got Mine) 2:57
You've Got Your Troubles (Re-Recording) 3:26
You've Really Got a Hold on Me ?:??
You’ve Got Your Troubles GBF076520510 3:24
You’ve Got Your Troubles 3:26

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