has personal label: The House Foundation for the Arts (Meredith Monk's label) (1971 –)
composer-in-residence at: Carnegie Hall in New York, New York, United States (2014 – 2015)
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
1987 Panda Chant II
1989 Phantom Waltz
1997 Steppe Music
Atlas: Part I "Personal Climate"
Atlas: Part I "Personal Climate": Airport
Atlas: Part I "Personal Climate": Choosing Companions
Atlas: Part I "Personal Climate": Future Quest (The Call)
Atlas: Part I "Personal Climate": Home Scene
Atlas: Part I "Personal Climate": Overture (Out of Body 1)
Atlas: Part I "Personal Climate": Rite of Passage A
Atlas: Part I "Personal Climate": Travel Dream Song
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel"
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel": Agricultural Community
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel": Campfire - Hungry Ghost
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel": Desert Tango
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel": Explorer #5 - Lesson - Explorers' Procession
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel": Father's Hope
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel": Forest Questions
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel": Guides' Dance
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel": Ice Demons
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel": Lonely Spirit
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel": Loss Song
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel": Night Travel
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel": Possibility of Destruction
Atlas: Part II "Night Travel": Treachery (Temptation)
Atlas: Part III "Invisible Light"
Atlas: Part III "Invisible Light": Earth Seen From Above
Atlas: Part III "Invisible Light": Explorers' Junctures
Atlas: Part III "Invisible Light": Other Worlds Revealed
Atlas: Part III "Invisible Light": Out of Body 2
Atlas: Part III "Invisible Light": Rite of Passage B
Do You Be
Dolmen Music: A. Overture and Men's Conclave / B. Wa-Ohs / C. Rain / D. Pine Tree Lullaby / E. Calls / F. Conclusion
Ellis Island
Gotham Lullaby
Return to Earth
The Tale
Travel Song
1979-06-08 – 1979-06-16 Do You Be keyboard Meredith Monk 3:29
1979-06-08 – 1979-06-16 Do You Be Meredith Monk 3:29
Aria Meredith Monk 0:55
Aria Meredith Monk 0:44
Aria Meredith Monk 0:36
Aria Meredith Monk 1:19
Aria Meredith Monk 1:09
Aria Meredith Monk 0:50
Aria Meredith Monk 1:14
Aria Meredith Monk 0:47
Aria Meredith Monk 0:47
Aria Meredith Monk 0:58
Aria Meredith Monk 0:48
Aria Meredith Monk 0:17
Aria Meredith Monk 0:18
Aria Meredith Monk 1:08
Aria Meredith Monk 0:46
Gotham Lullaby Meredith Monk & Brodsky Quartet 5:15
A Ribbon for My Hair