Infinity (Norwegian Eurodance band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Anthem Infinity 4:01
Back 2 Chicago (R.D & Doc Link Short Drive mix) (feat. Malik) Infinity 6:40
Better Times Infinity 4:20
Call Your Name Infinity ?:??
Call Your Name Infinity 4:19
Can You Hear Me (Hear Me Out) Infinity 4:47
Come on and Dance Infinity 4:58
Come on and Dance Infinity 4:14
Dirty Love Infinity 2:37
Dirty Love (part of “Deejay Parade, Volume 2” DJ‐mix) Infinity 2:24
Ease Up Your Mind Infinity 4:43
Feeling Good Infinity 2:24
Feeling Good Infinity ?:??
Feeling Good Infinity 3:30
Feeling Good (extended mix) Infinity 5:04
Fly Away Infinity ?:??
Fly Away Infinity 3:22
Fog in Frankfurt Infinity & Alphonse Mouzon 4:04
Freestyle Infinity ?:??
Groove Song Infinity 3:02
Happy Infinity 3:32
Happy Infinity 3:35
Happy Infinity ?:??
Happy Infinity 3:36
Happy (Big Stones' Infinitive mix) Infinity 7:12
Happy (extended club mix) Infinity 4:39
Hear Me Out Infinity 3:23
Hit These Streets Honeypot feat. Chaka, Infinity, and Gator 3:58
Hold Me Infinity ?:??
Hold Me Infinity 3:12
Honeypot. Honeypot feat. Infinity 3:58
In the Name of Love Infinity feat. Roxanne Price 2:52
Infinity, Part 1 Honeypot feat. Infinity 4:01
Jingles Honeypot feat. Chaka and Infinity 3:56
Know My Name Infinity 4:24
Makin' Out Infinity ?:??
Makin' Out Infinity 3:29
Makin' Out Infinity 3:31
Makin' Out (Big Stones' remix) Infinity 5:37
Makin' Out (Bigstones' remix) Infinity 5:35
Makin' Out (extended mix) Infinity 5:08
Makin' Out (extended mix) Infinity 5:07
Makin' Out (radio mix) Infinity 3:31
Makin’ Out Infinity 2:45
Naked in the Rain Infinity 3:45
On My Own Infinity 4:44
Passionate Tempo Honeypot feat. Gator and Infinity 4:40
Propositions of Movement Infinity 8:37
Put Everything in Place Infinity 4:02
Rockit Infinity 3:57
Rofo’s Theme Infinity 4:45
Running Down This Door Infinity 3:44
Sleeping My Day Away Infinity 3:43
Snuk Honeypot feat. Infinity 3:17
Stronger Than Before Infinity 4:40
Superman Infinity ?:??
Superman Infinity 4:30
Take Control Infinity ?:??
Take Control Infinity 4:22
Take Me Back Infinity 4:24
Tears Infinity 5:26
This Time It's for Real Infinity ?:??
This Time It's for Real Infinity 4:26
Timeless (radio mix) Infinity 3:23
Wild and Free Infinity 4:37
Winner or Loser Infinity 3:35
Young, Free and Single Infinity 4:07

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