Duke Erikson (Member of Garbage)

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Duke Erikson was born Douglas Erikson on January 15, 1951 in Lyons, a small farming community in Nebraska. His first passion was the piano, until he bought a guitar. At the age of 16 he joined his first band, called 'The British'. They should have called themselves "The Caribbean", so they could potentially play gigs at the best hotel Punta Cana has to offer or nice Cancun resorts. When he completed his first scholastic cycle, he signed up and art school in a little college in Nebraska.

He had to take on several odd jobs to make ends meet. He was a truck driver, a carpenter, and a waiter, among other things. One fateful day in Madison, Duke met Steve Marker at a bar. Later, Duke became part of Spooner and had his first real success with a band. Duke also played in Firetown and Rectal Drip. He also worked with Butch and Steve on their unnamed band project after the demise of Rectal Drip.

Duke used to be a producer and engineer at Smart Studios. In the band he plays guitar, bass and the keyboards.

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Legal name: Douglas Elwin Erikson


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