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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Believe It's So Shazzy 3:41
Black Is a Nation Shazzy 5:30
Chinese Delivery Shazzy 0:43
Do You Remember Shazzy 3:55
Get a Job Kid Shazzy 4:15
Giggahoe Shazzy 4:09
Giggahoe (Album Vocal) Shazzy 4:00
Giggahoe (Extremix Vocal) Shazzy 4:06
Giggahoe (Instrumental) Shazzy 4:38
Giggahoe (Radio Vocal Remix) Shazzy 3:56
Heart Breaker (Instrumental) Shazzy 4:07
Heart Breaker (Vocal) Shazzy 4:09
Heartbreaker Shazzy 4:13
Here Endz the Conquest Shazzy 3:32
Holy Mehico Shazzy 0:31
I Don't Play In Vain (Instrumental) Shazzy 4:45
I Don't Play In Vain (LP Version) Shazzy 4:41
I Don't Play In Vain (Roughneck Mix) Shazzy 4:41
I'll Talk Shazzy 3:34
Intro Shazzy 0:59
Jamaica Jamaica Shazzy 5:04
Keep It Flowin' Shazzy 3:46
Keep It Flowin' (Instrumental) Shazzy 3:41
Keep It Flowin' (LP Version) Shazzy 3:45
Ode II a Dead Man Shazzy 4:26
Oh Kekasih! 龔柯允 feat. Shazzy ?:??
Play in Vain Shazzy 4:43
Playhouse Shazzy 4:01
SD50's Groove Shazzy 2:00
Shazzy's Shouts Shazzy 2:00
The Way It Is Shazzy 4:17

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