Matt Gray (UK bassist)

~ Person


Location: Brighton/Chichester, West Sussex, U.K.

Occupations: Musician, Composer, Producer

Instruments: Double and Electric bass, Guitar, Keyboards

Genres: House, Trip Hop; also: Acoustic, Blues, Electronic, Dance, Funk, Fusion, Groove, Jazz, Orchestral Pop

Workmates and Friends: Mark Horwood (since 1992), Rick Flahant (best friend)

Bands: The Mummers, Mini Coola, The Little Big Band, Fusion Groove Orchestra (FGO), Is U Is

Played with/for the following artists/labels: angela brown, avalon, boris d'lugosch, concept, cool tempo, curious, dj d:fuse, duffnote music, ed funk, electric circus, emi, en-core, groove armada, groove finder, grooverider, jr hartley, harun, hhj, homecookin, joey musaphia, larry garner, laura ritchie, look at you records, lynden david hall, mamarazzi, national geographic, negrocan, niche blue, overstreet, peppermint jam, refunkt, rey de copas, richard earnshaw, rhythm syndicate, sile, simon green, slip'n'slide, solemusic, sony, soul furic, su su, swing city, tree house recording studios, undercover joe, v2, virgin

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