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Talon was a progressive group formed in early 2000, by Lead Singer Sarah Burmett and Guitar Player and Co-Lead Singer Mark Emerson. After hearing a song they had written, Drummer Justin Ramis offered to player as the drummer for the band. The band after looking for four months found an unorthodox bass player, Tristan Dalamount, playing for a band called Arie. He played a weird style of bass and the band members asked him to join the band. After listening to a few songs they had written, he jumped to join the band, putting his own style on the pre-existing songs. Although he had almost no input on the songs written for Echoes, he wrote the biggest track, Elephant Screams, which was the band's major breakthrough. After a successful tour, the band recorded a live album, Entitled, Echoes Live. After two months the band returned to the studio to write a new album. After writing the album, Talon went on tour with their new album, Sea of Terras. After the last show of the tour, Sarah mysteriously disappeared, and was not seen for three months. During this time Talon made many campaigns to find her, and promised the saviors a meet and greet and free live tickets for life. She was found unconscious by police and found a man who presumably had kidnapped her, who proceeded to kill himself. Sarah had been abused, raped, and tortured by the man and was being held captive. After hearing this, Talon posted a newsletter stating that Talon has now went into an indefinite hiatus. After rehabilitation and months of therapy, Sarah asked Talon to continue the band without her. One month later, auditions were held. They enlisted female Singer, Megan Tuley, Sarah's cousin to sing for the band, because of her remarkably similar voice to Sarah's. She did not write any songs during her time in the band, but sang on Talon's EP, Tainted Mind of a Tortured Soul, and also sang on Talon's Third full-length album, -Parts Needed. Sarah Burmett returned to Talon in 2004 and proceeded to Tour the new album and start writing on the third album. After her return, she has not spoken to the crowd, besides saying Hello on the first show of the tour, and goodbye on the last show of the tour. Mark Emerson has since become the frontman, and Sarah resides in the shadows the majority of the show.

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Year Title RatingReleases
2001 Echoes 5 1
2002 Sea of Terras 1
2004 -Parts Needed 1

Album + Live

Year Title RatingReleases
2001 Live Echoes 1

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