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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Alleine zu zweit Papermoon 3:59
Alles Gute Papermoon 3:11
Alles Gute (unplugged version) Papermoon 3:13
Amazing Grace Papermoon 3:20
And You Don't Papermoon 3:37
Another Time, Another Place Papermoon 3:28
Any Longer 4 U Papermoon 3:20
As One Papermoon 4:07
As Tears Goes By Papermoon 2:57
Ashes in the Wind Papermoon 3:51
Be Free Papermoon 2:43
Blue Sky of Mine Papermoon 3:40
Bring a Little Light Papermoon 2:35
By My Side Papermoon 3:08
By My Side (live) Papermoon 3:27
Catch Me Papermoon 3:56
Chant D'Automne Papermoon 3:02
Cold as Hell (2002) Papermoon 5:05
Cold As Hell (1998) Papermoon 3:22
Come Closer Papermoon 3:47
Come Dance With Me Papermoon 3:25
Come Dance With Me (instrumental) Papermoon 3:07
Dancing Again Papermoon 3:28
Dancing Again (live) Papermoon 3:41
Das Leben ist schön Papermoon 3:37
Dem Feuer zu nah Papermoon 3:18
Der beste Tag Papermoon 3:25
Der Filou Papermoon 3:29
Doop Doop (Baby remix) Papermoon feat. Zoë 5:56
Doop Doop (Baby remix) Papermoon feat. Zoë 3:22
Doop Doop (radio edit) Papermoon 3:23
Doop Doop (Xmas mix) Papermoon feat. Zoë 3:20
Dream Papermoon 3:02
Es wird scho' glei' dumpa Papermoon 3:50
Falling in Love (Is Easy) Papermoon 2:39
Feeling Alive Papermoon 3:49
Feeling Alive (radio version) Papermoon 3:30
Follow (1993) Papermoon 0:41
Follow (1994) Papermoon 2:42
Forever in Your Mind Papermoon 4:33
God Papermoon 4:25
Happy Christmas Papermoon 4:25
Heidschi Bumbeidschi Papermoon 3:28
Help Me Doctor Papermoon 2:58
Higher and Higher Papermoon 2:56
I Belong to You Papermoon 4:16
I Was Blind Papermoon ATM470400080 3:53
I Was Blind (Instrumental) Papermoon 3:50
If Only I Knew Papermoon 4:53
Il ragazzo della via Gluck Papermoon feat.Dominik Plangger 3:35
Im Himmel Papermoon 3:51
In My Dreams Papermoon 3:41
In My Hands Papermoon 3:44
In My Life Papermoon 4:56
It's All Because Papermoon 3:22
It's Only a Papermoon Papermoon 3:00
It's You Papermoon 1:32
It’s Not Enough to Say I’m Sorry Papermoon 3:28
Je te suiverai Papermoon feat. Kadero 4:47
King of My Heart Papermoon 3:46
Lasst mich schlafen Papermoon 3:09
Last Christmas Papermoon 5:21
Le Petit Cheval Papermoon 2:49
Leave It All Behind Papermoon 2:01
Leaving Tomorrow Papermoon 2:36
Let It Snow Papermoon 2:34
Life Papermoon 3:53
Little Bird Papermoon 4:10
Little Drummer Boy Papermoon 2:58
Little Sister Papermoon 5:04
Live Forever Papermoon 3:03
Looking for Love Without You Papermoon 3:49
Lovebird Papermoon 3:27
Lovebird (radio edit) Papermoon 3:24
Lucy's Eyes Papermoon ATB159400210 3:43
Lucy's Eyes (live) Papermoon 4:00
Ma Liberté Papermoon 3:00
Märchenprinzessin Papermoon 3:09
Mary's Boy Child Papermoon 3:54
Merry Christmas Everyone Papermoon 3:22
Mommy Papermoon 4:27
Mon ange Papermoon 3:48
Mother Papermoon 2:46
My Heart Papermoon 4:29
My Little Friend Papermoon 5:46
My Sweet Children Papermoon 4:01
Night After Night Papermoon 3:23
Night After Night (live) Papermoon 3:22
No Time to Cry Papermoon 3:17
Nothing Really Matters Papermoon 3:39
Now I Found Our Way Papermoon 4:29
Obwohl Papermoon 4:00
Obwohl Papermoon 3:29
Oh My Love Papermoon 4:16
On a Christmas Day Papermoon 2:46
On a Christmas Day (2006) Papermoon 3:39
On My Way Papermoon 3:14
On the Day Before Christmas Papermoon 2:57
On the Day Before Christmas (2006) Papermoon 3:23
Once Again Papermoon 3:30

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