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DateTitleCredited AsAttributesArtistLength
A Heartfelt Line or TwoJoan Baez3:24
Many a Mile to FreedomJoan Baez2:58
MiraclesJoan Baez5:25
SailingJoan Baez4:22
Time RagJoan Baez5:25
1975Black DogguitarDeodato4:16
1975Watusi StrutguitarDeodato9:36
1993-06A Woman of the WorldElliot RandallguitarLaura Nyro4:13
1993-06Louise’s ChurchElliot RandallguitarLaura Nyro3:37
1995-06That SeasonguitarAsia4:51
1997Only Time Will Tell '97 (re‐recorded with John Payne on vocals)guitarAsia4:42
A Cry in the NightElliot Randallguitar [lead guitar]Marty Joe Kupersmith4:16
A Heartfelt Line or Twoelectric guitarJoan Baez3:24
A Heartfelt Line or Twoacoustic guitarJoan Baez3:24
BrooklynguitarWalter Becker and Donald Fagen5:58
Cry Me a Riverelectric guitarJoan Baez3:00
Easy ThingElliot RandallguitarPeter Criss3:55
Givin’ It to My LoveElliot Randallelectric guitar and soloDesmond Child and Rouge2:57
Green EarringsguitarSteely Dan4:05
Green Earringsguitar and soloSteely Dan4:05
Happy Birthday to Yaelectric guitarHenry Gaffney3:34
High on LoveguitarElliott Randall3:35
Hollywood HotguitarThe Eleventh Hour7:03
I Can’t Stop the RainElliot RandallguitarPeter Criss4:27
I Give UpguitarElliott Randall4:45
I Only Wanna Make You Feel Like a WomanguitarElliott Randall5:54
I'm Blowin' Awayelectric guitarJoan Baez3:19
I'm Blowin' Awayacoustic guitarJoan Baez3:19
I’m Waiting for a Windelectric guitarHenry Gaffney2:59
If Only the Weather Would ChangeguitarHenry Gaffney3:10
It’ll Come to YouElliot Randallguitar [lead guitar]Marty Joe Kupersmith3:51
It’s Gonna Be GreatguitarElliott Randall3:17
Just a ThoughtguitarElliott Randall3:57
Malibuziosguitar synthesizer [Roland Gr-700]Suzanne Ciani8:52
Many a Mile to Freedomelectric guitarJoan Baez2:58
Many a Mile to Freedomacoustic guitarJoan Baez2:58
NightmareguitarHenry Gaffney3:31
Over My ShoulderguitarHenry Gaffney3:24
Paint a Picture of Yourself (Michael)Elliot Randallacoustic guitarHarry Chapin3:53
Radio A‐E‐OguitarElliott Randall3:37
RecentElliot RandallguitarThe Atomica Project3:20
Reelin’ in the Yearsguitar and soloSteely Dan4:36
Sailingacoustic guitarJoan Baez4:22
Sailingelectric guitarJoan Baez4:22
SamanthaguitarElliott Randall3:15
Sign in StrangerguitarSteely Dan4:24
Sitting in LimboguitarGrady Tate7:30
Superstarelectric guitarHenry Gaffney2:24
That’s How I See YouElliot Randallguitar [lead guitar]Marty Joe Kupersmith3:51
The Caves of AltamiraguitarSteely Dan3:34
Throw Back the Little Onesguitar and soloSteely Dan3:14
Time Ragelectric guitarJoan Baez5:25
Two Sides of the MoonguitarAsia5:22
We Grew Up a Little BitElliot Randallacoustic guitarHarry Chapin5:10
Westside Pow WowElliot Randallelectric guitar and soloDesmond Child and Rouge3:27
When You Got the MusicguitarElliott Randall7:26
Yellow Coatelectric guitarJoan Baez3:38
You're a LadyguitarGrady Tate7:32
You're the StrangerguitarAsia5:47
High on Lovelead vocalsElliott Randall3:35
I Give Uplead vocalsElliott Randall4:45
I Only Wanna Make You Feel Like a Womanlead vocalsElliott Randall5:54
It’s Gonna Be Greatlead vocalsElliott Randall3:17
Just a Thoughtlead vocalsElliott Randall3:57
Radio A‐E‐Olead vocalsElliott Randall3:37
Samanthalead vocalsElliott Randall3:15
When You Got the Musiclead vocalsElliott Randall7:26
Can’t Buy a ThrillElliot Randalladditional and guitarSteely Dan
Can’t Buy a ThrillElliot Randalladditional and guitarSteely Dan
Can’t Buy a ThrillElliot Randalladditional and guitarSteely Dan
Can’t Buy a ThrillElliot Randalladditional and guitarSteely Dan
Fade Awayguitar familyJohn McKeown
Gene SimmonsElliot RandallguitarGene Simmons
Gene SimmonsguitarGene Simmons
Milk and HoneyElliot RandallguitarJohn Lennon & Yoko Ono
The Blues BrothersElliot Randalladditional and guitar familyBlues Brothers
The Spirit of ChristmasElliot RandallguitarNorthern Light Orchestra
It’s Gonna Be Great
Into the Arena