1987カップルズ (couples)Pizzicato Five5
1988ベリッシマ (bellissima!)Pizzicato Five4
1989女王陛下のピチカート・ファイヴ (On Her Majesty's Request)Pizzicato Five5
1990月面軟着陸 (Soft Landing on the Moon)Pizzicato Five6
1991女性上位時代 (This Year's Girl)Pizzicato Five6
1992スウィート・ピチカート・ファイヴ (Sweet Pizzicato Five)Pizzicato Five6
1993Bossa Nova 2001Pizzicato Five3
1993Souvenir 2001Pizzicato Five1
1994OverdosePizzicato Five4
1995romantique 96Pizzicato Five4
1995a quiet couplePizzicato Five1
1997Happy End of the WorldPizzicato Five3.54
1998プレイボーイ・プレイガール (Playboy & Playgirl)Pizzicato Five37
1999Pizzicato Five™Pizzicato Five46
2001さ・え・ら ジャポン (Çà et là du Japon)Pizzicato Five4

Album + Compilation

1987ピチカートマニア! (Pizzicatomania!)Pizzicato Five6
1994Made in USAPizzicato Five44
1995Pizzicato Five TYO~Big Hits and Jet Lags 1991-1995~Pizzicato Five3
1995The Sound of MusicPizzicato Five4
1995Antique 96Pizzicato Five2
1995ノンスタンダードのピチカート・ファイヴ (Non Standard Years Pizzicato Five '85-'86)Pizzicato Five2
1996Great White Wonder: Rare Masters 1990-1996Pizzicato Five3
1997Pizzicato Five JPN~Big Hits and Jet Lags 1994-1997~Pizzicato Five4
1998Singles: Pizzicato Five in Triad & Readymade YearsPizzicato Five5
2001Pizzicato Five R.I.P~Big Hits and Jet Lags 1998-2001~Pizzicato Five3
2004The Band of 20th Century: Pizzicato Five Sony Music Years 1986-1990Pizzicato Five2
2006pizzicato five I love youPizzicato Five2
2006pizzicato five we love youPizzicato Five1
2019The Band of 20th Century: Nippon Columbia Years 1991–2001Pizzicato Five2
2021配信向けのピチカート・ファイヴ その1 高浪慶太郎の巻Pizzicato Five1
2021配信向けのピチカート・ファイヴ その2 小西康陽の巻Pizzicato Five1
2021配信向けのピチカート・ファイヴ その3 野宮の巻Pizzicato Five1
2021高音質のピチカート・ファイヴ (Pizzicato Five in Hi-Fi)Pizzicato Five1

Album + Compilation + Remix

1998Readymade Records RemixesPizzicato Five / 5th Garden / Fantastic Plastic Machine1

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

2001PIZZICATO FIVE in the mix: A Tatsuo Sunaga Live MixPizzicato Five2

Album + Soundtrack

1991Hi Guys! Let Me Teach YouPizzicato Five1

Album + Live

1993インスタント・リプレイPizzicato Five3

Album + Remix

1992Pizzicato Free SoulPizzicato Five1
1993Expo 2001Pizzicato Five1
1998Remix Album: Happy End of YouPizzicato Five2
2006pizzicato five we dig youPizzicato Five1


1985The Audrey Hepburn ComplexPizzicato Five1
1986Pizzicato V in ActionPizzicato Five1
1990Lover's RockPizzicato Five1
1993東京は夜の七時 (The Night Is Still Young - 7:00pm Tokyo)Pizzicato Five1
1994Happy SadPizzicato Five2
1996Baby Portable RockPizzicato Five2
1996A Message SongPizzicato Five1
1997It's All Too Beautiful...Pizzicato Five1
1997Mon Amour TokyoPizzicato Five4
1997A SymphonyPizzicato Five1
1998恋のルール・新しいルール (La régle du jeu)Pizzicato Five1
1998Such a Beautiful Girl Like YouPizzicato Five1
1998week-endPizzicato Five1
1998Playboy PlaygirlPizzicato Five1
1999パーフェクト・ワールド (a perfect world e.p.)Pizzicato Five1
2000Voyage à Tokyo EPPizzicato Five2

Single + Remix

1997Trailer Music / The World Is Spinning at 45 RPMPizzicato Five1
1997Contact: Dimitry From Paris RemixesPizzicato Five1
1997Happy Ending / It’s a Beautiful DayPizzicato Five1
1997Love's ThemePizzicato Five1
1997Porno 3003 / The Earth Goes AroundPizzicato Five1
1997Trailer MusicPizzicato Five1
1998Porno 3003 / Collision and ImprovisationPizzicato Five1


1991最新型のピチカート・ファイヴ (This Year's Model EP)Pizzicato Five2
1991超音速のピチカート・ファイヴ (London–Paris–Tokyo)Pizzicato Five2
1994A Televison's Workshop E.P.Pizzicato Five1
1994Five by FivePizzicato Five42
1995Quickie EPPizzicato Five3
1995Unzipped EPPizzicato Five1
1996Combinaison spaciale EPPizzicato Five3
1996Sister Freedom TapesPizzicato Five4
1997PORNO 3003 epPizzicato Five feat. Kishida Kyoko1
1997Excerpts From “Happy End of the World”Pizzicato Five3
1999darlin’ of discotheque e.p.Pizzicato Five2
1999Nonstop to Tokyo E. P.Pizzicato Five1
1999Pizzicato Five vs. Darlin’ of DiscothequePizzicato Five1
200012月24日Pizzicato Five2
2006超音速のピチカート・ファイヴ+最新型のピチカート・ファイヴ+レディメイドのピチカート・ファイヴPizzicato Five1

EP + Live

1991レディメイドのピチカート・ファイヴPizzicato Five2

EP + Remix

2000REMIXES 2000Pizzicato Five3

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