Dan Gapen

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member of:Lazarus A.D. (US Thrash/Groove Metal band)
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/artist/1743613 [info]


American Dreamselectric guitarLazarus A.D.4:53
Beneath the Waves of Hatredelectric guitarLazarus A.D.5:04
Black Rivers Flowelectric guitarLazarus A.D.4:52
Casting Forwardelectric guitarLazarus A.D.3:56
China Groveelectric guitarLazarus A.D.3:23
Eternal Vengeanceelectric guitarLazarus A.D.7:03
Light a City (Up in Smoke)electric guitarLazarus A.D.3:49
The Strong Prevailelectric guitarLazarus A.D.3:04
The Ultimate Sacrificeelectric guitarLazarus A.D.4:53
Through Your Eyeselectric guitarLazarus A.D.4:09
The Onslaughtelectric guitarLazarus A.D.
The Onslaughtelectric guitarLazarus A.D.
Absolute Power
American Dreams
Beneath the Waves of Hatred
Black Rivers Flow
Casting Forward
China Grove
Eternal Vengeance
Last Breath
Light a City (Up in Smoke)
The Strong Prevail
The Ultimate Sacrifice
Through Your Eyes
Who I Really Am
American DreamsadditionalLazarus A.D.4:53
Beneath the Waves of HatredadditionalLazarus A.D.5:04
Black Rivers FlowadditionalLazarus A.D.4:52
Casting ForwardadditionalLazarus A.D.3:56
China GroveadditionalLazarus A.D.3:23
Eternal VengeanceadditionalLazarus A.D.7:03
Light a City (Up in Smoke)additionalLazarus A.D.3:49
The Strong PrevailadditionalLazarus A.D.3:04
The Ultimate SacrificeadditionalLazarus A.D.4:53
Through Your EyesadditionalLazarus A.D.4:09
The Onslaughtbackground vocalsLazarus A.D.
The Onslaughtbackground vocalsLazarus A.D.